Mortal Kombat X: Who's Next?

(Xenoscythe) #101

What is it you’re trying to do? Is online red or grey to you?


always the same thing, I click ‘online’ and it gives me an error message [AGPT01001]

(DayC) #103

People had this with injustice on PC too I believe, I think there’s a few motions you can go through just paste the error code into google.


disabled the firewall and it fucking works!!!

(Xenoscythe) #105

Poke me on steam if anyone wants to practice :slight_smile: - Xenoscythe

<3 based @Rod

(Gavin Rainey) #106

Jason is a thing now and he looks INSANE

ill be in the lab tonight.

(Lethal) #107

Is the PC version still buggered?

(Gavin Rainey) #108

Patch today

its gotten a lot better

(Dean) #109

How big is the install now, about a terabyte?

(Xenoscythe) #110

This is possibly the worst game release i’ve ever seen. What a joke.

UPDATE! Downloading this patch will cause you to lose all progress/game saves. Also, some users are getting a resolution change that cannot be fixed thus making the game unplayable. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS PATCH YET!!

(Dean) #111

I’m worried about playing around with UE4 now. Has anything like this happened elsewhere on the engine or is this purely an MKX issue?

(Xenoscythe) #112

Its ue3.


You didn’t see Halo:MCC did you? Still doesn’t work properly. Pretty much staying off it until it settles down i think, wanting a fight fad as well. Soon TM.

(Dean) #114

I don’t think at any point that MKX kept increasing in size to unthinkable levels for the majority of people. Also it didn’t delete all progress randomly did it? That seem’s to be a far too common complaint about MKX.


Truth, i think there were single player resets/issues if i remember correctly but i may be wrong.

(Gavin Rainey) #116

We got our stuff back with clever wizardry.

Now we wait. When the patch comes out as it should, working it will greatly increase mkx pc’s usability

Added the free Klassic Sub-Zero costume.
Display drivers should no longer crash during online play.
A crash will no longer occur after a full rotation of players in the lobby during Round Robin matches.
Fixed a crash that some users experienced during the first QTE in the story.
Game no longer crashes when players attempt to join a game through Steam or in a room.
Fixed startup crash on high end systems (those with > 8 cores).
Fixed a crash that would occur during recorded match playback.
Save data safety check to try to eliminate save data loss.
Fix to prevent save game data from being corrupted while closing the game.
Walk away animations now appear at the end of the character selection process.
The levers in Shao Khan’s Tomb will now activate.
Shinnok’s Flick Trick Fatality no longer experiences a significant framerate drop.
Functionality is no longer lost while watching a match replay.
Pre-game lobbies will populate 10 players into Faction Battle matches.
Kombat Kards will now display correct Icons, Backgrounds, and Borders in a KOTH match.
Fatality inputs no longer change into QTE inputs during in Online Tower Battles.
Game no longer desynchronizes when a player selects a character that their opponent has not unlocked.
D’Vorah’s cape no longer moves when she’s killed.
Game no longer freezes when opponent in online closes the game.
Title remains responsive while story cinematics are loading.
Fixed leaderboards and Kombat Kards not updating past the top players.
After entering replays with the controller, the player can use the keyboard when watching a replay from an online match.
Loading screens now display before progress bar fills up.
Diagonal arrows are shown instead of keys when Alternate Control is enabled.
Sometimes saving a Custom1 preset displayed as being saved for Custom1-4 in the character select and pause menu controls screens.
The UI arrows will now switch sides on a tagged move when the character switched position with his opponent.
Chat room names will now display properly (instead of SteamIDs).
Fixed input callouts when switching between keyboard and USB controller after entering a KOTH match.
Additional graphical fidelity options.
General Matchmaking improvements.
Performance improvements
Improved online stability
Multiplayer invite improvements
Gameplay fixes and balancing
Various Kombat Kard fixes
WB Play fixes
General bug fixes


thanks for saving me the trouble

(Van Slab) #118

@Easy might come down to yours str8 after work on Friday so we can get a few offline sets in

(Lethal) #119

PC version of MKX ok now or still fucked? XB1 servers were laggy for a couple of days a few days back but seems fine now.

(Van Slab) #120

You wouldn’t shag this game if it was my dad