Need a new PC Monitor

(Fatmanp) #21

ty for the help

(Peter Woodberry) #22

Reckon its worth going from 120 to 144 or shall I just wait for the next level of Hz?

(C**t ) #23

Depends on your budget. Could get a rog swift 144Hz 1440p.

(Peter Woodberry) #24

Wouldn’t be for a while yet, got a car to sort out after LAN so will be around Christmas I reckon. Will see whats about when it comes around.

Is it noticable going between 120 and 144?

(C**t ) #25

Not at all, its really hard to spot a change to be honest.

(Josh) #26

Nope, also Pete you always need a car. What do you do to them!?

basically 120/144hz is simply majestic to use for stuff like CS and for general computer usage, things like chrome canary have support for 120hz and I think Firefox does natively too so you get buttery smooth browsing. Even just things like dragging around a windows explorer window is awesome.

I would suggest doing what @Xenoscythe does too, run lightboost/strobe I do on my BenQ and it really is awesome.

The buttery smoothness is the one thing I miss now my main monitor is a 4k one. But one can only imagine the computing power required for 120hz @4k (when they actually make the technology anyway).

(C**t ) #27

Even the 4K rog swift will be 60Hz, wont see on with a larger base refresh rate for a long time.

(Dean) #28

I was just thinking the same thing. Do you ever actually repair them Pete?

(Fatmanp) #29

Ok if my budget was to stretch to 300 which one is better


(Fatmanp) #30

Ended up taking this. £2-300 is a lot of money to pick up a decent 27" so i though fuck it and went with Gsync.

(Josh) #31

I was going to give G-Sync a bash but decided to go with 4K. Let us know how you fare with the buttery smoothness that is g-sync :slight_smile:

(C**t ) #32

4K g-sync is the next upgrade.

(Peter Woodberry) #33

@Freebird @Noodle I got another corsa like a spastic.

(Fatmanp) #34

Will give my impressions on Tuesday when it arrives :smile:

Ty for the help guys.

(Fatmanp) #35

Well. I am speechless. 144hz G-Sync.

(Josh) #36

That good then haha

(Dean) #37

Is there a 4k monitor that can do [email protected]? I’m not worried about gaming at 4k but I want it for design work, however I also want a 144hz monitor, so if I can get both in one I’d be fairly happy to say the least.

(C**t ) #38

Not that i know of, the best you can get is 1440p at 144Hz.

(Sam Hather) #39

Wont be able to get 4k 144hz until display port 1.3 is out

(Dean) #40

@smather I’m not wanting 4k at 144hz, was just wondering if it could run 1080p at 144hz while doing 4k @ 60hz.

@sith I figured that might be the case. Thankfully I never upgraded to G-Sync or 144hz, so a 4k G-Sync monitor would be a huge upgrade anyway. I don’t play much FPS these days anyway.