New mix up

(Ben ) #1

New mix up from me. Setting it to free download but will be removing it tomorrow as there is some sketchy mixing on my part but still full of bangers that are sicker than a shit in the fridge!

(Xenoscythe) #2

Have you considered doing the music for a @Noodle spreadsheet montage?

(...) #3

Out of interest, what software are you using and are you at next LAN? was tempted to bring the mixing setup and laptop down for shits and giggles

(Dean) #4

He attempted to create something but I couldn’t get a drop that fit the creation of graphs correctly.

(Ben ) #5

I use the pioneer DDJ-T1 with Traktor/serato (Sennheiser hd25 headphones). Usually mix on 3 decks but been playing about with 4 recently. What do you use? Yeah I will be at the next LAN.