Nintendo Switch

(Gavin Rainey) #1


(DayC) #2

YEEESS LAAAAADS 10/10 as @smather would say!

(Sherenne) #3

Can’t explain just how excited I am for this!

(Gavin Rainey) #4

I cant wait to go through dungeons, win races, catch em all again with my family with this bad boy

(Sam Hather) #5

I am so fucking excited for this. Best console idea i’ve ever seen. Can’t wait to see further info.

edit- 10/10

(Lethal) #6

Cured my cancer 100% no cMo

(Fatmanp) #7

Would like to see the specs on this. Apparently its an Nvidia Tegra Pascal edition under the hood.

(Sam Hather) #8

Yeah they confirmed that

(Luke) #9

Got like 11m views in a day, crazzzy.
A console… with cartridges? What is this 1996?
Great idea though, hope they utilize it and make use of it’s features.
Secretly I was hoping they’d annonce a Gamecube2.

(Fatmanp) #10

I am definitely interested in getting this. Just waiting to see the launch lineup and system specs.

(Lethal) #11

I prefer cartridges to a certain extent, nostalgic as fuck

(Sherenne) #12

Not only nostalgic. Don’t think I’ve ever broke a cartridge, discs on the other hand…

(Dean) #13

Does it support digital downloads as well?

(Sherenne) #14

I would think so, Nintendo e-shop is already a big thing for 3DS and Wii U

(Yan) #15

Skyrim on a cartridge, crazy times

(Sanchez ) #16

If they have AAA games (fifa) then i will purchase for lunch breaks. Would never get docked in reality for me as the PC covers my gaming needs.

(Lethal) #17

I haven’t bought a handheld console in so many years, probably since the GBA. With laptops + emulators, I never saw the need to have one and assumed it would be a waste of money. Finally I have an excuse to buy one and use it to chill at home with the missus

(Anthony) #18

Initial impressions, wow, I’ll be buying this on release.

(Fatmanp) #19

The big (final reveal) is next week Thursday. Should find out the launch lineup, price and possibly some specs. Really hoping the ports of Smash and Mario Kart are part of the launch lineup. I hope Nintendo can finally get there shit together and at least offer a semi decent online infrastructure.

Also Dolphin Emulator FTW.

(Fatmanp) #20

Also it seems Zelda will be a launch title after some uncertainty.