Nintendo Switch

(Fatmanp) #21

Seems as though Nintendo are going to be doing Treehouse Live nexzt week Friday around 2.30pm streaming the launch games. Hype.

I would love it if Mario Kart 8, Smash Bros Wii U and Splatoon remakes/back compats are part of the launch lineup. I know @Easy is getting a Switch and hopefully some more of us are too. These three games would be great for community nights.

(DayC) #22

This would be sick, I havn’t had these games yet and it would save me getting a Wii U

(Fatmanp) #23

Same. Have not owned a Nintendo home console since Gamecube so have missed out on all Nintendo first party titles for the last 10 years or so apart from Pokemon.

(Lethal) #24

Same reason I’m getting a Switch.

(Dean) #25

Because you’ve always been a woman anyway

(Lethal) #26

I absolutely adore the specimen that is MEN

(Sam Hather) #27

(Fatmanp) #28

Seems to line up with what one of the main leakers has been saying for a while now.

(Fatmanp) #29

Hype hype

(Sam Hather) #30

Shit is looking good so far

cringe af like

Zelda trailer gave me goosebumps

(DayC) #31

There’s more as well but im late for work haha

(Fatmanp) #32

Where the fuck is Smash?

(Gavin Rainey) #33

I dont ever recall a release smash tbf

I am happy, on release I will buy it with zelda, mario and mario kart i think.

(Fatmanp) #34

As far as i can see it has two launch titles. Zelda and 1-2. Also £280 is a bit steep.

(DayC) #35

Rough releases on here:

(Fatmanp) #36

I am thinking I may hold off until Summer. RRP on the games are £60 aswell. Pro controller looks to be around the same.Then you have to factor in the cost of expandable storgage.

All in all I am quite dissapointed particularly in the launch line-up. A port of Mario kart, Smash or Splatoon was a must. Also a paid online service from one of the most backwards companies in terms of online. I hate to say it but this really could be the end of Nintendo as a hardware manufacturer if they don’t put forward a clear message/roadmap over the next six weeks.

(DayC) #37

That feels rather dramatic to me. People will buy into the console just for Breath of the Wild and have bought into consoles on less. Mario Kart isn’t far behind either according to the article but I do agree that they need to layout a clear roadmap for the game releases quickly, people need to know because after watching the trailers people might be expecting a lot at launch.

280 is a lot steeper than what most people expected and that pro controller price is off putting.

(Gavin Rainey) #38

gonna finish ffxv and sell the ps4 i think with these prices

(DayC) #39

Just make more money mate EZ

(Xenoscythe) #40

That price tho, nah.