Nintendo Switch

(Fatmanp) #41

Treehouse live stream starts at 2.30pm.

Things that need answering

-Full launch lineup
-Virtual console
-How much is the online going to cost?

(Sam Connolly) #42

I’m impressed. I’ll likely buy this on Launch, or soon after, providing funds allow. I was desperate for the more open world style mario game like a galaxy 3 or something on the Wii U, but it never came :frowning: So I’m really happy that it’s finally arrived on a console at least.

(Lethal) #43

Yer I was expecting it to be £200 (£250 max). Bit disappointed with the price but tbf I haven’t bought a proper Nintendo console since the original Wii.

(Dean) #44

So you only skipped the Wii U?

(Lethal) #45

Well yer it’s been 10+ years since the original Wii

(Sam Hather) #46

11 years now, mental that.

(Dean) #47

I think this is going to be another lackluster console for Nintendo after looking into it. Sure it will sell well on release and fans of the first party titles will buy in early, but unless you love Mario and Zelda there is no reason to get this. They are charging PS4/X1 prices without the third party titles.

Plus they fact they want to charge for their online service as well. They best have a complete new system hiding away, but it was awful. I don’t think I’ve seen any PC titles with an online system that bad in two decades.

(Lethal) #48

You’re just salty that Quake isn’t on the Nintendo Switch

(Dean) #49

Did you not see the point where I mentioned no third party titles? What did you think I was talking about, CoD?

(Lethal) #50

Calm down don’t take your Quake frustration out on us :joy:

(Dean) #51

You’re the only one not Quaking :wink:

(Fatmanp) #52

Despite how dissapointed I am in the presentation. Zelda looks fucking incredible and is the only thing making me keep my preorder.

(Lethal) #53

Ye it’s hard not to dodge now, especially with the Zelda themed Switch

(DayC) #54

The amount of reaction around this console at both extreme ends of the spectrum is weird. I seem to remember the Gamecube having a similar reception. There seems to be very few middle grounders, you either love it or you hate it.

Switch has 32Gb, Breath of the Wild will take up 13.4Gb.

Full list of 2017 games for the switch. Things without a date are supposedly 2017 but don’t hold your breath i’d days especially for the JRPGs

According to Reddit Switch is the 4th cheapest console release when adjusted for inflation. Unsure how accurate this is though so take with a pinch of salt.

Wired did an interview with Reggie which claims that the switch won’t have supply issues like the NES classic. Complete bollocks in my opinion, pre-orders are quickly running out of supply worldwide and they think they’re only going to produce 2 mil? It’s going to be like the Wii all over again.

Pixelpar has done a sketch of the BotW game cartridge based on the real thing.

Controller charging has been revealed (no link page is in Japanese)

  • JoyCons get 20 hours play time with a charge time of 3hrs 30 mins
  • Switch needs 3 hours of charge from empty.
  • Pro control gives you 40 hours of play time and charge in 6 hours.

Some box art

(Fatmanp) #55

If the 2017 list actually happens then it could possible be oe of the best ever console year 1 software lineup. But this is Nintendo so shit is getting delayed. I still cannot fathom why a port of Smash is not happening or at the very least why it has not been announced yet.

(Dean) #56

No way, PS4 had the best first year. Even it’s starting line up was quality.

(Gavin Rainey) #57

the ps4’s launch was way worse than this and the end of the 1st year wasnt great either really

and he didnt even say the single best so get back in your box

(Xenoscythe) #58

My issue with that reddit list is this console is marketed as more of a portable console than a standalone machine like the rest of those. Think of it as more of a vita than a ps4.

The hardware for the price just doesn’t weigh up imo and the battery life is pretty shit.
Lineup of games is worse than i thought it’d be too. I’ll probably wait half a year after its release and see where it stands still.

(Dean) #59

Just the AAA launch titles from the PS4. While it might not all be my cup of tea, in terms of quality titles both first and third party the PS4 is tough to top.

Only 3 major titles on the Switch launch, even if they do happen to be Zelda, Mario and Skylanders.

But yes, I misread and thought he said THE best, not one of the best. One of the best it certainly is, Zelda and Mario pack a big punch.

(Fatmanp) #60

I swear the PS4s first year was essentially just The Last of is Remastered and Infamous Second Son (I enjoyed both).