Nintendo Switch

(DayC) #61

Of all time or of this gen? The PS4’s opening year looks pretty average to me in either context although that’s slightly subjective I guess.

That’s the wrong way to think about it in my opinion, it’s more of a hybrid console with the intention of fulfillling both portable and home gaming requirements.

This I do agree with, the battery life seems too poor to have a relevent portable session with I was hoping for something a little bit more robust for long train journeys etc.

(Dean) #62

You really need to also look at 2014 up until November. The one you linked only had two months on it, not a full year.

(DayC) #63

Well spotted, much better but I still don’t think it’s as good as the potential for the Switch. Only time will tell though.

(Gavin Rainey) #64

most of those games are either fucking shite or multi platform

come on man how many of those release games held up?

look at the scores too, a lot of them are yellow

the only thing the ps4 for is for now is cod, JRPG’s and street fighter

and its way better than xbox one

(Fatmanp) #65

I got the PS4 Pro and feel justified in doing so for the first party lineup. Definitely going to get the following for it.

Horizon Zero Dawn
Days Gone
God of War
The Last of Us 2
Gravity Rush 2
Final Fantasy 12 Zodiac Age
Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 HD
Kingdom Hearts 3
Dragon Quest X
Persona 5
Crash Bandicoot Trilogy
Gran Turismo Sport
Nex Machina
Ni No Kuni 2
FF7 Remake

Looks like a Japanese resurgence there. Also Sucker Punch (Infamous developer) has still not announced their next project. I do hope Insomniac make more Ratchet games.

The good thing is that Nintendo still have the following franchises under their belt for Switch.

Star Fox
Donkey Kong
Mario Party

Also it would be nice to see Eternal Darkness get a sequel.

(Gavin Rainey) #66

The world will end if they bring out a new metroid fps

on that note, nintendo STILL dont understand online


Yes mate, such an awesome game. I’d buy a Switch for that alone.

(Fatmanp) #68


That is why I am baffled how they can charge for online. This is a company that still thinks gamers want motion controls shoved down their throats.

I still stand by what I have been saying for the last ten years. The biggest game Nintendo could ever make would be a full fledged Pokemon MMO. If they were to make that game Nintendo would be back in a very big way.

(Dean) #69

They would dominate the console market with that game. Hell, even I’d buy a console for it.

(Yan) #70

I hope this is the console that kills their hardware off for good and they either just focus on 3DS or release games on other platforms

(DayC) #71

Why would you want that?

(Yan) #72

Because they have no idea what they’re doing when it comes to consoles and I’m salty right now about this awesome looking new Zelda being trapped on what is probably going to be another disaster like the Wii U.

(Fatmanp) #73

I will be buying the Switch but I feel the same way. Nintendo only know how to successfully innovate in the software space these days. Their hardware innovation is all for novelty purposes and brings no benefits to gaming as a whole. Pokemon MMO on PC yes please.

(Fatmanp) #74

Jim Sterling absolutely nailing it.

(DayC) #75

Absolutely, the entire online service that he focuses on in the video is an utter shit show. I like his statement at the end, that he wants to see it do well. Maybe you’re both right though, maybe a massive failure is just what Nintendo needs to make some incredible games again.

I hope it doesn’t because im likely getting this but maybe that’s just the way it has to be in the end.

(Gazza) #76

why not just play pokemmo or pokemon revolution?

(DayC) #79

(Fatmanp) #80

Nice to see the prices of the games starting to tumble. Amazon have Zelda @ £49.99 and MK8 @ £44.99 currently. If you have Prime you can take a further £2 off each.

(Sam Hather) #81

Apparently it was a direct conversion mistake or something, I guess that’s why?

(Fatmanp) #82

Hopefully. The pro controller is still £100 on Amazon though.