Nintendo Switch

(Gavin Rainey) #103

dock m8

(Yan) #104

Did they do any quality control?

(Gavin Rainey) #105

there are some issues there sure but that video sure makes it look really bad.

(Lethal) #106

Nintendo have confirmed that the Switch is the fastest selling console in Nintendo’s history.

(Dean) #107

Probably because they made more than 10 ready for launch day.

(Lethal) #108

Rofl at least they didn’t make the same
mistake as Dreamcast and make bugger all.

(DayC) #109

I saw this too and got worried. It appears that they’re being made in different locations and certain production facilities have made a minority of batches faulty (not including controllers of course) from what I can tell. @Scy informed me that some actually have a very faint blue tint to the screens.

Certainly happy that I waited so that these issues get ironed out but I know plenty of people now that have had no issues whatsoever.

(Fatmanp) #110

Glad I waited as well.

Why can’t they just make a proper home console with a bit of beef under the hood?

(Sam Hather) #111

Zelda Cemu coming along good for those who can’t afford a WiiU / Switch :smiley:

(Luke) #112

Not gonna lie, had a blast of Zelda and it is pretty decent bar from the
ass backwards weapon durability system.

If I was’nt so tight with my money I’d get one but can’t bring myself to do it atm as seems most people have at currently as a Zelda machine.

Anyone bringing one to Insomnia?

(Fatmanp) #113

Yep. I caved. Should be here tomorrow with MK8 and Zelda.

(Gavin Rainey) #114

we can do some MK8 :smiley:

(Fatmanp) #115

Setting it up now. Just need to see how much of a clusterfuck the online system is first.

(Fatmanp) #116

Switch Freind Code SW-1449-48991964

(Fatmanp) #117

Ok. Mario Odyssey. Fucking hype.

(Gavin Rainey) #118

So excited.

I did all 120 shrines on BoTW last night.

(Gavin Rainey) #119

Mario out next week, who is in?

(Fatmanp) #120

Oh yes

(Anthony) #121

How’s Odyssey?

Streams look really good.

(Fatmanp) #122

Really fun. I have been spending about an hour or 2 on it every night. Saving it for when i go back to work so i can play it on my lunch breaks.