Nostalrius and the WoW Celebrity cruisade

(Gavin Rainey) #1

Disclaimer: I am not a WoW player but this is big gaming news.

It seems a lot of the OG’s have lost it finally with WoW, after Blizzard order a closure on ‘Vanilla’ (meaning the first instance of WoW) Nostalrius.

Things kick off:

WoW Devs speak: (satire)

An ex dev says they should allow people to go to old games.

Thoughts guys? I know Bliz dont disclose numbers anymore, but rather than trending concurrent subs, I would love to drill down into the data to see the following:

How many people died after each sub, with how long it took them to die off on the subs.

How many people who stopped after vanilla, expansion 1, 2 3 and so on and resubbed with new expansions then stopped in the same month.

(Xenoscythe) #2

It was a completely different game back then.

Genuinely WoW now isn’t a bad game but its content and play-ability length are minute compared to what you had back then. There is no difficulty anymore, you genuinely have to try to die during the levelling experience because they’ve made it so easy. Take on more than one mob back in vanilla & TBC and you’d be making the long run back from the spawn most of the time!
I was in guilds where we would be stuck on bosses for months at a time, 40 people doing everything they can to kill a boss is an unreal experience and gave an immense sense of achievement if you finally did it. Nowadays content is released and cleared usually within the week.

Blizzard will absolutely release vanilla realms but i don’t believe they will do it until they are on the brink of WoW collapsing.

(Gavin Rainey) #3

I remember Kripp talking with a lot of passion about guilds, rekful and his dudes, and kripp and his guys getting world firsts

(Sam Connolly) #4

I really want to believe they’ll release vanilla realms or TBC or even Wrath, but I just can’t see it. WoW’s subscribers have been steadily declining for so long, I just can’t see what it would take for them to actually release legacy servs at this point. I’d probably expect them to release another MMORPG before legacy servers.

What killed the game for me was LFR being implemented. With LFR in it felt like no one really wanted to pug any more. I couldn’t dedicate the time to a raiding guild, and honestly, I fucking loved pugging through ICC even if the max number of bosses I ever got down in a pug was 6. It was easy enough to get a taster of raids, yet difficult enough that you’d need to be with a guild to get much further.

I also think I lost a lot of interest due to the raids being very similar mechanics to previous ones. Things like the nax dance, the Sindragosa ice blocks and even the whole build up to the Lich King fight were all fairly unique. Then a lot of raid bosses became tank and spank again, the magic of building up to a fight through an entire expansion was gone, it just felt like the raids didn’t have nearly as much effort in them as they did in the past.

(Check my profile for game IDs) #5

Agree with this, I loved vanilla, loved raiding (when I had the time) and it felt like a real achievement.

Played again the last expansion and it just feels like it’s been going on too long now. Levelling up a new char through all those levels just felt like a grind, and endgame on my mage just felt a bit like, “oh I’m just going to stand here and shoot frostbolts” as opposed to actually having to think about tactics, cc and what you need to do to kill this specific boss.

(Dean) #6

Nost alone had 150k active players (Online in the last 10 days). Since it went down other servers have started posting figures along with fans using addons to work out how many people are using them, it’s sat at around 4-500k active players at the minute among private servers.

Retail is sat at around 1.24m players (Excluding Asia) as can be seen on Warcraft Realms. That means that private realms are around a third of what retail is currently sat at right now. When you take into account the amount of people who want to play legacy but a) don’t want to play on an “illegal” server or b) are scared of losing all their progress if Blizzard takes down a server, it’s safe to say that Legacy could pull the numbers.

Just look at Reddit, the average WoD/Legion thread gets between 50-100 replies while the average legacy one gets well over 2000 and they are constantly closing them down as they don’t want it to be a legacy subreddit, but in fact discussion for retail. The issue is Legacy is such a huge topic right now they can’t ignore it and censor it as it would only make it worse for the sub so they allow it. They finally added a meta sub to discuss where to go with the sub as it’s becoming such a big issue for them.

Legacy realms are coming, it’s just a matter of time now, and I’ll be sat right next to @Xenoscythe and @Roozle when they do.

(Sam Connolly) #7

I really hope you’re right, because I’d love to be able to play on a retail legacy server with a booming community. The reason I don’t think it’s going to happen is just because of Blizzard’s attitude towards it so far, they don’t seem interested in creating a legacy server. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t be interested in it (I read somewhere that the source for older versions was long gone, I don’t know how true that is but I guess it’s a possibility?) because why they wouldn’t be interested in money is beyond me.

You’re right, there’s absolutely a demand for this and I really hope they just give in and give us legacy servers, but I think they’re just going to wait a couple of months for all of this to blow over. Time will tell!

(DayC) #8

Already called them releasing info on a legacy server this weekend, unfortunately their lead designer is so out of touch with his player base.

Wait until someone at the top of Activision puts pressure on them to make more money, this will be top of the list near instant fix.

(Adam Mc Collum) #9

Man i would kill to be able to play Wrath again. I had a guild with my friends which was about 6 active raiders and we would stand in Dalaran for hours trying to get groups together. Im actually feeling so down not being able to play it now. I wish i had heard of this earlier because i always wanted to experience Vanilla, hopefully Blizz will see the light and give the fans what they want (in exchange for massive bags of cash).

(DayC) #10

@Prio disagrees with me on this but I genuinely think that’ll be the game they announce if they do anything. I was under the impression Blizzcon was this weekend but it’s actually in early November, the tickets just went on sale this weekend.

(Sam Connolly) #11

Yeah I think it’ll be plain old vanilla if they do announce anything. I’d love to see any of Vanilla/TBC/Wrath go up though, I never got to fully experience vanilla or TBC.

I’m in the same boat as Adam, I loved just how active wrath was and having so many people to play with, I really do miss it.

(Xenoscythe) #12

The reason WoW was so successful was because it offered an authentic video game WORLD. That’s what everyone looks for in an MMO. They are looking to immerse themselves in a WORLD that has a functioning COMMUNITY.
When then added the feature that allowed LFG to teleport you directly to the dungeon, they detached the player from the world.
When they added the feature that allowed LFG to pair you with players from other realms it detached the player from the community.
WoW had such amazing lore to be explored, but through how they treated each new expansion, they made so much of it irrelevant. You can’t have a game with so much amazing content, of which only 10% is played. New players must feel so alienated from the world, I can’t even imagine it. I know people tend to bring up the “it’s your choice argument”, but Blizzard has put so much emphasis on the end game that new players must feel so rushed to catch up with everyone.

(Dean) #13

Nobody wants to play private realms at all.

(Adam Mc Collum) #14

haha i signed up to that Warmane server yesterday, played on the Ragnaros server for a bit. Thinking of going to the Lordaeron server when i get back from Amsterdam and having the full authentic experience again. (minus the few bugs that exist)

(Dean) #15

A Blizzard response on the matter.

(Sam Connolly) #16

Pretty much the same as what they say every time this idea is brought up. Too much work. I really don’t get it, if the folks at Nostalrius can do it for free, then Blizz can do it and make money off of it.

Although, I do like the idea of the pristine realm, never heard that idea before now, but I’d probably be inclined to give that a crack if it were implemented.

(DayC) #17

They say such stupid shit, then come out with a brilliant compromise, the pristine realm.

So what can we do to capture that nostalgia of when WoW first launched? Over the years we have talked about a “pristine realm”. In essence that would turn off all leveling acceleration including character transfers, heirloom gear, character boosts, Recruit-A-Friend bonuses, WoW Token, and access to cross realm zones, as well as group finder. We aren’t sure whether this version of a clean slate is something that would appeal to the community and it’s still an open topic of discussion.

That fixes many of the issues people have with the current expansions and brings an old school feel to the game restoring the core, “epic” open world feel WoW originally held. It still keeps a few ease of life choices / mechanics like Mounts at 20 rather than 40 for example, but provides the player with more interaction with the universe they’re so heavily invested in.

Obviously it won’t bring back 40 man raids but this actually skews the content Blizzard releases in its own way and could be a positive twist on content people found they were screaming through in the past.

(Dean) #18

I 100% will not be rolling on a pristine realm. I’m not slaving my way through the leveling just to still sit in a Garrison all day. I don’t like the way wow works now, it’s not just the leveling and lfg systems. The talents have no choices any more, the dungeons are boring (last fun dungeons were release Cata before the nerfs) and I’m not doing the same raid over and over on different difficulties.

I understand why people see this as a compromise, but the game is in no way the same now. The economy is broken, gold is pointless, farming mats is overkill, all because the Garrison does it all for you with no effort. I doubt I’ll return to retail after playing a private realm purely because of how damn good the game used to be. I thought it was nostalgia making me think positive of vanilla, but having gone back it’s better than I remember. Retail is a Facebook game now, with the odd 5 minute dungeon here and there that requires no effort at all. Vanilla had long dungeons which took hours for a 5 man. People seem to think that there was no end game apart from raiding in Vanilla, but for most people the 5 man’s were end game purely because it was so hard to get the complete bis from there, while on retail you can do it in a day.

(Dean) #19

Love or hate the guy (There are enough reasons for both), he got this video right. I think it’s coming guys.

(DayC) #20

He certainly does, shame nobody takes him seriously anymore because the points being repeated in the video are now being backed up by what used to be a trustworthy face in the WoW community.