Nostalrius and the WoW Celebrity cruisade

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Blizz have agreed to meet with the Nostalrius team :smiley:

(Dean) #23

The meeting went down pretty well, I expect to hear something at Blizzcon at the earliest, but nothing until Legion is underway.

(DayC) #24

“Not all of this information was under a version control system.”

That confirms my suspicions. I said to the lads way back “they must have this in version control, how hard can this actually be?!” turns out they somehow don’t (how’d you fuck THAT up Blizzard?) and now it’s causing problems which makes complete sense.

(Dean) #25

Seems like they had version control for the server, and one for the client, or at least that’s how I gathered it. This seems like such an obscure way to develop if that’s the case. You’d expect them to go hand in hand.

(DayC) #26

However, in order to generate the server (and the client), a complex build system is being used. It is not just about generating the “WoW.exe” and “Server.exe” files. The build process takes data, models, maps, etc. created by Blizzard and also generates client and server specific files. The client only has the information it needs and the server only has the information that it needs.

This means that before re-launching vanilla realms, all of the data needed for the build processes has to be gathered in one place with the code. Not all of this information was under a version control system. In the end, whichever of these parts were lost at any point, they will have to be recreated: this is likely to take a lot of resources through a long development process.

I took it as both, sounds to me like code for server side realm / client side data generation in order for each side to talk to each other is missing. It’s actually an incredibly vague description of what (I think) he’s trying to say but that’s probably for good reason and no doubt we’ll hear more details during Blizzcon.

(Gavin Rainey) #27

They dont have it in source control for the same reason theyre eternally bound by a hard region lock i’d imagine

(Dean) #28

If anyone is interested, Nostalrius shared their data with Elysium and allowed people to transfer characters from their old Nost account to Elysium. Elysium also teamed up with Corecraft, who were tipped to be the next big thing, and shared their code with each other. Right now they have 4 servers all peaking around 10k players online. is the website, and as always it’s completely free to play.

It looks like it didn’t blow over as Blizzard expecting, as these numbers are all much bigger than Nost was a year ago.

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That would explain the picture I got from @Cabbage :o

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“We ask Elysium to join this effort for Legacy realms by stopping to use data that we provided. We know they aim at official legacy realms as we do. We have already stopped the account transfer process from our side as a first step.” D:


Idd, was announced a few weeks ago.

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dont like the comment D: i had a 54 warr on nostal, and cant rly be arsed starting from 1 :frowning:

(Dean) #33

You know you want to! Vanilla starts at 1 remember, not max level. I’m on Elysium with Tuto, Horde side. Not got far yet, only playing casually.

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))) adx2ed

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u told me before u didnt play wow u battyman

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Certified Banger.

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So i’ve tried to play this a few times now, server seems to go down every fuckin 15 minutes.
There’s also a shit tonne of drama on both the reddit and forums.

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