Nostalrius and the WoW Celebrity cruisade

(Dean) #41

Only had one server drop so far, but yeah loads of drama. It’s a Vanilla server so it’s expected.

Basically, tldr, some guy took donations from the community and gave to the server. He didn’t like the people behind the server and withdrew the donation, keeping it for himself. He then created shit tier “evidence” that the server was selling gold and accounts and GMs were adjusting loot tables.

People didn’t believe him, and called him out, but he has a YouTube following that went mental. Basically budget Athene.

He has now been banned and it will all be forgotten in a month. One of the downsides of knowing everyone on a server is the drama that follows. But then people like me love it, and now it’s all being memed out for extra giggles.

(Xenoscythe) #42

Server seems to have stabilized, not sure what was going off.

Meanwhile, the drama escalates.

(Xenoscythe) #43

More drama llama,

Im really dubious about continuing leveling on this server :stuck_out_tongue: the admins seem to be a shit show.