Nvidia Pascal/AMD Polaris

(Fatmanp) #1

Benchmarks for the Nvidia 1080 will drop today and AMD will also be talking about the Polaris cards at some point this week. I hope the 1080 provides a nice bump over the 980ti as I want to upgrade my 780ti in time for Battlefield 1. Anybody else looking to upgrade this year?

(DayC) #2

I’ll be doing a huge upgrade this year. Will be waiting for the custom coolers on the 1080 but the rumours leaking out this morning indicate the performance jump on the 980ti is quite exciting.

I’ve started a part list based on a black and white theme using the full tower version of the case I have to take to lan, 980ti will come out for a 1080 and I already have a cooler, some things to be tweaked yet.



I’m looking to get a 1070, the price point to power atm looks insane - a great upgrade for my 580gtx haha.

(DayC) #4

I’m running a 580 from @Veasu atm whilst my 270x is in with Scan (it’s broken) and the jump from that from the 270x is noticeable so either 1080 or 1070 for me will be a massive leap.

(C**t ) #5

Out now for anyone that cares, basically its 20-25% better than a Titan X and compared to a 980 SLI setup its hit and miss.

(Paul Corkin) #6

Waiting for these cards to drop to try pick up a cheaper r9 390, Been holding of since Feb on buying a new card.

(DayC) #7

Card looks really good. Roll on computex.

(Scott) #8

anyone know how much of an increase compared to a 7970?

(DayC) #9

Probably crushes it, its competing with the 2 best performing cards on the market.

Entirely depends on what youre using it for though as to whether you should upgrade.

(Fatmanp) #10

This Reddit thread has a link to all the reviews and benchmarks across the main review sites

I am defeinitley going to wait until MSI/ASUS/EVGA release ones with factory OCs and custom coolers.

Also by the looks of it this is a minimum 250% improvement in terms of 1080p performance over the 7970. In that Reddit thread have a look at the Guru3d benchmarks as the 7970 is listed in quite a few of them.

(C**t ) #11

Wise move, I’ve read the reference card has some relatively strict power and temperature limits, so OCing will be better with a 3rd party cards Bios. Ill be waiting till the GP100 cards are around and see if they’re worth upgrading to, as this is a pretty standard incremental performance increase as Nvidia releases go.

(Yan) #12

I got a 390x a few weeks back because my old GPU broke. I’ve made a terrible mistake

(DayC) #13

That’s a shame mate, might be worth trying to sell it in june and picking up a 1070. Judging by the specs released yesterday it’s going to be the new standard for nvidia on a budget killing off the 970, which in turn performs better than a 390x anyway.

(DayC) #14

Maplins confirms the price shafting of the UK market with the Founders Edition.



Aren’t Maplin stupidly expensive anyway?

(Gavin Rainey) #16

i might actually go up to a 1070 depending on price here and jade can have my 280x

(DayC) #17

Nah not for this card, it’s probably always going to be sold at RRP or more, overclockers prices below:

(DayC) #18

Scan’s all up with £619 in the price, looks like OC might be upping prices on certain brands, unsure as of yet though.


(Scott) #19

i thought the founders edition was stated to be $699 by nvidia? so not far off. i think the lower price models will come later.

(Fatmanp) #20

Tbh if you buy a FE card you are a bit silly. Wait a few weeks/months for EVGA/Asus/MSI to release one with a better cooling solution and more power connectors so that it can be overclocked more and not hit thermal limits.