Nvidia Pascal/AMD Polaris

(DayC) #81

@Veasu vouches for them too, all i’ve ever heard about this is good things so i’ll probably be looking into their cards as a priority when the 1070 comes out.

(Gavin Rainey) #82

I will be going the EVGA way too.

(Sam Hather) #83

Me too for once. Goodbye Zotac

(DayC) #84

Cheeky 1070 upgrade for me, heard about EVGA issues and the MSI was a bit cheaper too.


Looking to get mine at i58, though I’m tempted with the 1060 tbh.

(DayC) #86

All depends on your budget and what you already have, what are you on atm?


On a 580gtx atm, so it would be a huge upgrade either way. I was looking at the Asus Strix versions, 1060 is like £330 (oc version), where as the 1070 is about £450 for the non OC version. So quite a difference in price.

(DayC) #88

Yeah your 580 is similar to my 370, the jump in a 1060 is still massive. I’m just about to dive into this now see how it handles some stuff. I just need a better monitor now.

(C**t ) #89

Id honestly go EVGA, ASUS customer support is disgraceful, with things like extended warranty and their step up program EVGA are the only vendor Ill buy from from now on.

(Sam Hather) #90

Yeah EVGA are 10/10.

Do love my Zotac though

(DayC) #91

Just on the side of EVGA things a small amount of users have been reporting dead cards like in this thread which is worth considering before you buy. EVGA are great from what i’ve heard but no matter how quick they are it’s always going to be an inconvenience on some level if your card dies.

Not trying to fear monger or anything, I just think it’s worth considering.

(C**t ) #92

All the ones I’ve seen are 1070 SC cards, given how good their customer support and warranty claims are I wouldn’t be worried.

(Sam Connolly) #93

EVGA have had a few failing cards @DayC is right, it’s worth considering before you buy. Does look like their support is on the ball though and are sorting out the dying cards, but it’s still hassle of going through the RMA process and whatnot.

Honestly, I would probably have gone with MSI too, the difference between the cards is so minimal that personally I’d say it’s not worth risking getting a dead card. And honestly, even if the EVGA card is better, it’s not like you’re going to be kicking yourself for going for a card which is ever so marginally worse.

(DayC) #94

The other factor for me was cost as well, living next to scan it’s incredibly convenient for me to walk round the corner and buy it. With the Gaming X being £16.01 cheaper than the SC and the difference in out the box clocks only being 12Mhz n favour of SC plus the fact i’ve literally just had to go through an RMA process I just wanted to try and avoid the process again entirely. The jump from my 370 to the 1070 is astounding regardless of the missing mhz.

(Fatmanp) #95

Just pulled the trigger on my GTX 1080. Went with the MSI Gaming X version. My current 780ti is from MSI and has been fantastic so i am will stick with the red team on this one. Should be here tomorrow :slight_smile:

(DayC) #96

Let us know how you find it @PhatMayneP and enjoy :slight_smile:

(Fatmanp) #97

should be here before mid day. Never upgraded a gpu before do i have to do anything in particualr to wipe my drivers other than a full uninstall through windows control panel?


(DayC) #98

That should be fine. Uninstall, switch off, replace and install new ones. Might want to download new drivers in advance if you have a slow connection like myself.

(Gavin Rainey) #99


(Fatmanp) #100

fuck dpd

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