One Night in Karazhan

(Gavin Rainey) #21

is this the month where you will make legend, fingers crossed mate


Got hit by inspiration at 3:30AM and had to turn the PC back on and make this deck…

2 Minions: Barnes and Rag (Rag and Dad), first draft but I’ve already got a win out of it. Gang up gets around drawing Rag first.


Seems pretty fun actually, though a little easy to deal with I think. I saw a clip yesterday of a guy who used Barnes to summon a 1/1 Blood of the Ancient One, then used Youthful Brewmaster on Barnes, and played him again to get a second BotAO, the first and only time I’ve ever seen its effect actually work, pretty impressive to see that 30/30 show up and have a full HP opponent surrender immediately.

(Lethal) #24

Week 4 cancer is coming out tonight. Started grinding last night a little bit and will be fisting this game this month until I become a fucking legend in dads.

(Gavin Rainey) #25

I will be playing more this month too, I wouldnt mind legend on this game, GE on CS:GO lets do it.

(Adam Harwood) #26

You have just echoed my opinion for both of these games. Now I have hit Supreme on CS:GO, it is literally one step away for GE.

I have drunkenly spoken to @Lethal at i58 about my Hearthstone situation and I am now turning my focus to nailing down the meta decks to climb the ladder, instead of making my own creations and trying to ladder with them. Hopefully by doing this, Legend isn’t as far away as it may seem at this moment in time by my POV.

(DayC) #27

@Rosa_Kaninchen, @Lethal, @Easy, @Rod

What are you all running atm?

I’ve been playing with my own flavour of Legend Warrior using the new malchazaar card. Have gone from 19 - 15 and back down again about 3 times now but I can feel the strength in the deck. I just need a couple more tweaks I think. Face Hunter seems to be catching me out at present but I can buy 2-3 turns playing around the grandmother.

I’m in a fairly happy spot with this now though, i’ve really like to work on the Medivh Mage decks i’ve seen knocking about.

I have spotted this too which is really nice:

(Gavin Rainey) #28

I am running a variation of control warrior too, I will send you a printscreen of it yet. I am struggling to get the amount of removal in it vs minions.

Any heavy control warrior deck with Malchazaar in it seems to be pretty favoured vs other warrior varieties.

I am also running the maly druid that XiXo took to insomnia, sickening deck

(DayC) #29

Yeah let me know man would love to see it and the druid deck too!

Mine for comparison so far. I took grommash out, great card if you’re looking to trigger it but I need my big creatures to do a lot of stuff as soon as they hit the board, did have deathwing for a while but it messes up my hand too much.

(Gavin Rainey) #30

(Adam Harwood) #31

I’m using Discolock atm with an added fist of Jaraxxus. Went from rank 20 last night to rank 9 this afternoon. It’s good for a fast climb and now pulling in people at rank 7/6. Now thinking of starting to use a control deck at the higher tiers.

I came across some sort of standard secret paladin earlier as well? It was really fast and really strong against Disco. Maybe someone was trying a new secret deck out on stream today and had a few results with it?

(Lethal) #32

Secret Pally has been around for a while. It’s still quite unknown to most players since you rarely see it in ranked, but someone did reach Legend 5 with it in S29.

(Adam Harwood) #33

Yeah I found the Secret Paladin Standard list that hit legend, but this was some sort of updated version using some more Karazhan cards (that 1 drop that gains health with every spell you play comes to mind) + 2 divine favors which aren’t part of that standard build.

I’ll see if I can get the list as I have the guy on my friends list.

(DayC) #34

Built Medivh tempo last night, still working on learning the deck but it feels fairly linear in its approach and if you end the opponent quick it just grinds to a halt.

(Lethal) #35

Medivh Mage is pretty good, but it’s downfall is similar to Token Druid where you’ll either completely destroy them or get completely rekt due to the mulligan.

(DayC) #36

That’s how it felt certainly, I think it’s even more frail than tokens tbh. At least with tokens you have 4 chances for early ramp to let you get stuff out and plenty of cards can serve an alt purpose in a tight spot but with medivh it’s great draws else loss.

Have you tried beast droo yet mate? Seems like a great aggro deck to rival zoo, face hunter and drag warrior to me.

(Lethal) #37

I tried the S29 version but not S30, I’m shit with it haha, Token Druid I absolutely love.

(Van Slab) #38

Currently playing rank 26 decks

(Adam Harwood) #39

Oh my goodness.

(Lethal) #40

Not even the best chemo could even touch that cancer.