Onwards we go

(Gavin Rainey) #1

2016 was a strange year, but it is done now, unless we have a time machine there is nothing we can do about what happened.

Whats next? SSRCG will grow, TeqR esports will flow and games will be played.

For me personally, its the next step of my career and expanding our family this year. And a relocation most likely.

I want to spend the days where Jade is small going to see everyone in Sheff, spending time with my close friends and doing new things.

What will you do?


I’m looking to make this year a year of change for myself, nothing similar to the new year new me bullshit but more being in our new house finally, getting out of Tesco and towards a career path of some sort. Be that actually pushing my graphic stuff alongside it with commissioned work or getting stuck into a general IT role with prospects.

Also wanting to get back involved with SSRCG as well, get on disc more and get involved in the community days. Han’s still got a few more years left of her Masters so more of the same for her and Tobe’s is growing each day, his new thing this morning is ‘Daddy, what ya doin?’ Though we need to sort his speach out as he says ‘farst’ and ‘barth’ not fast and bath thanks to his Granny…


I don’t think I’ve ever wrote this down publicly because it gave me wriggle-room or just that I didn’t want to set myself up for failure and be seen as being full of shit… 2017 I’m going to make and release a game; it may be a shitty little thing but it’s going to happen, fuck the distractions - this is my priority!

I’ve speant most of my life saying it and condemning myself for not doing so - no more of that shit. This is real and fuck it I’m all in.

(Adam Harwood) #4

I am moving out from my parents gaff for the first time into a place with a friend of mine and this is taking place within the next couple of weeks. So it is a massive change for me in the New Year. Also, for Christmas, my sister bought me a 12 week course with a personal trainer/nutritionist so that will be another big change in my lifestyle. On the back of that, over the weekend while I was away, I have bet with a few mates (while drunk) that I will of run a 10K race by the end of 2017.

So it looks like it is an active year for me and lots of changes that will happen along the way. Happy 2017 everyone.

(Gavin Rainey) #5

I can help if you need any advice regarding improving your fitness.

(Sam Connolly) #6

Massive year for me too!

Graduating in July and grad job hunting (been doing this since last year though). Want to get away from Bolton, I’d take a pay cut if it meant moving back to Liverpool or a pay rise if it meant moving to London, but for the most part just applying wherever the money is now.

So also moving out properly this summer, no coming back every half term because I’m completely out of money. Finding a place to rent where I can then start saving for a deposit on a house and what have you, more likely, a guitar amp that costs the same as a deposit on a house.

I’m finishing my final year project off by March (probably Feb). I’m making a tech demo of procedural generation of terrain, for those of you interested it uses Perlin Noise to generate height maps, then I’m going to try using biomes to dictate what types terrain should be positioned where. I’ve also written all of this in my own Direct X 11 game engine, which I want to polish off. After I’ve graduated I want to learn how to use UE4, and release something, but I have a feeling that’s going to drag into the next year. I’m handing in my notice of my job tonight, I want to dedicate more time to my final year project (procedural gen and game engine) and make sure I’m graduating not just with a first, but a project I’m actually proud of.

@Retroid Not sure what your experience is developing games but if you need a hand with anything basic - moderate difficulty, you can give me a shout any time, or @Veasu and @SamHiggy graduated in games development last year, I’m sure they’d be happy to help too. We all use Direct X but it’s not too far from OpenGL if you’re using that. My specialisation is probably procedural generation, Veasu (Tom)'s was tessellation I believe, and I haven’t a clue what higgy’s was, I think that was tessellation too.

I’m also planning to go travelling with the girlfriend when we graduate, want to go inter-railing around Euroland and just basically blow all my savings from when I worked last year. I want to lose a bit of weight before I go and build on my fitness again, I used to run just a few kilometres every night going back two years, now I just do the odd event every now and then, ran a 10k 2 years ago, then tough mudder roughly 1 year ago. So I’d rather get back into routine, but realistically I think my other tasks and uni work take priority over getting in the gym right now.

(Peter Woodberry) #7

Got a lot I’m wanting to focus on this year, the big 3 for me are; getting into a good career and start saving money, moving out from my parents and changing my diet to help improve my general fitness and lifestyle.

I’m also going to be focusing on improving as a CS player with my team as I still really enjoy the game and I think I’ve got it in me to reach a pretty good level.


@Prio Cheers man! I’m keeping it pretty simple for the time being so I should be alright but I’ll let you know. :slight_smile:

(Luke) #9

I will continue to protect my jew gold from filthy heathens.
I’d love to better myself though wise life decesions and determination
but that’s all too much effort :poop: