Overwatch League

(Xenoscythe) #1

And we’re off!

The production value is ridiculously good. They have some really great casters and assuming you’ve played the game for a bit before shouldn’t be too hard to follow.

Heres the vods from the preseason:


And 3 places to watch it live:


The Overwatch League has been formed by Blizzard in an attempt to formalize and provide a structure to the entire esports scene. The League has seen big investments not only from esports organisations, but also from several well known sports teams.

There are twelve teams in the first season of OWL. These teams are spread all over the world with the majority being located in North America. There are Nine NA teams, One Korean team, One Chinese team and One team from Europe (London).

Stage 1 - January 10th - February 10th, 2018
Stage 2 - February 21st - March 24th, 2018
Stage 3 - April 4th - May 5th, 2018
Stage 4 - May 16th - June 16th, 2018

The teams gain points for their performance during the Group stage. The stages are spread across a period of One Month each. They are followed by a gap of roughly ten days in between which should provide the teams a chance to assess their performance and train for the next stage.

After Stage 4 finishes, top finishers in each division will prepare for the championship playoffs, which run from July 11–22. The grand final on July 26–28 will determine which team will be crowned the first Overwatch League champions, claiming glory, the Overwatch League trophy, and a USD $1 million bonus.

There will be six teams in the playoffs which begin on 11th July and will continue till the 28th of July 2018. The top two teams from each division ( Atlantic / Pacific ) are directly chosen into the playoffs. The remaining four slots are filled with the next four teams in the regular season.

Stage Prize Pool : $500,000
Regular Season : $1,300,000
Playoffs : $1,700,000
Total Prize Pool : $3,500,000

(Gavin Rainey) #2

MLG are outstanding for production value, good to see it getting decent viewership, however Overwatch still has some improvement room as a spec sport itself :smiley:

(Peter Woodberry) #3

The production value is on point but I myself just can’t get into the game as a spectator or a player, I hear commentators praising a good play but I just don’t see it naturally and would probably need it explained to me to really appreciate it.


Absolutely! The production is excellent.

The game is quite hard to follow - it’s so chaotic. I think that showing the replay when the game slows down is a good idea so viewers don’t miss good plays etc. I find that my time spent watching regular Overwatch streams helps me pick out the stuff that’s important to watch and pay attention to.

My only real complaint about the OWL so far is that it’s not very friendly to newcomers to the game. I had a friend watch it with me and he’d never played the game before and was constantly asking questions about different hero abilities, game mechanics etc. I think that the casters should spend more time explaining certain things as the game goes on - similarly to how Anders does when he’s on TV at ELeague. They don’t have to go super in depth but they could point out that somebody switched off of Junkrat to McCree because the hitscan counters the enemy Pharah.