Overwatch, new FPS from Blizzard

(Fatmanp) #692

@Xenoscythe Cool. I tend to pop into the Discord server whenever i am playing games on PC so if Im on there just send us an invite.

(Ryan Roberts) #693

Did exactly the same, really into this at the moment after reinstalling it. To the point it’s made me forget about BOW. Mainly playing Soldier, Phara, Anna, but maining Junk Rat - who I’m convinced is the most underrated hero in the game.

(Scott) #694

I’m still playing but I’ve given up on getting back up to 3700. I got there playing Ana and Soldier but I’m bored of those so I’m only playing Mccree now who is harder to climb with. Might get masters if I tryhard for a while but I doubt it.

(Xenoscythe) #695

If he wasn’t so hard countered by Pharah i’d definitely agree! I hate playing against a good junk rat, next patch he’s going to be a real pain in the ass with no self damage.

(Sam Hather) #696

No self damage junk rat? Omg I’m going to be the best player in the world.

(Max Schneider) #697

I did another thing guys… :smiley:

also, anyone wanting to add me: Bakawaka#2536

(Adam) #698

Eh, Junk is pretty trash at the moment. I’m pretty happy with where Pharah is in the current meta at the moment, means she’s generally a more accepted pick. I don’t like the rise in D.Va’s that this is causing however.

Also lul, necro’d.

(Liam Dakin) #699

Played Overwatch at LAN, bored me to tears. Tournament was fun but that was more due to @Xenoscythe being sick at life (Whenever he is hooked up to a PC anyway, otherwise questionable) than the actual game. Shame, Shame, Shame

(Dean) #700

But that’s because you can play real FPS games :wink:

(Luke) #701

This guy goes full on Harry after getting sniped by a Widowmaker.

(Xenoscythe) #702

Mercy changes, absolute game changer and best one they’ve made since the release of the game.

(Sherenne) #703

(Xenoscythe) #704

Aye, pretty nuts, they’ve already said they’ll tone the battle mercy down though slightly.

I still think the changes overall are absolutely amazing and finally gets rid of the whole mercy 5 man res’ that you can do virtually nothing about.

(Sherenne) #705

Yeah, her pistol is a little overpowered during Valkyrie atm, but it looks fun as hell to play!

But the changes are great, the single res’ will probably increase the occurrence of Pocket Mercy’s, but overall it should even things out a little. At the very least you’ll no longer have to debate using multiple Ults to wipe a team, as you won’t have it thrown back in your face anymore.

(Nick) #706

I play this. Add NickV#2165

(Sam Hather) #707

you still Zarya only?

(Nick) #708

No, I almost never play or played zarya. Maybe you’re confusing me with some1 else

Tracer main bb

(Dean) #709

You’re thinking of @feign mate

(Sam Hather) #710

Same person

(Nick) #711

NickF m8