Overwatch, new FPS from Blizzard

(Van Slab) #484

Zenyatta can no longer get bodyshotted by Widow cool

(Dean) #485

Players must now wait for the unscoping animation to completely finish before scoping

This is quite a big change. Unsure why they felt the need to do this, but it will have an impact on the top players anyway.

Max of 120 damage is much better, although the same head shot damage means she will still be a must pick in the comp scene.

McCree has gone from 420 a clip to 270 a clip. Still going to cause nightmares to anyone but tanks, I don’t think it was enough but time will tell.

(DayC) #486

Probably because Widow’s charge time was really quick, probably a tiny bit too much.

McCree changes are nice. Zenyatta thank fuck has more healing. Still doubt it’s enough to compete with Mercy or Lucio though.

(Dean) #487

He will still be behind on healing, but now that McCree can no longer one shot tanks, his Discord Orb raises in value massively. The fact he can’t be one tapped in the body increases his value, I expect to see him picked a bit more now.

(Xenoscythe) #488

THANK FUCK FOR MCCREE nerfs, i might actually consider playing tanks now.

I dont think widow charge time is an issue, i just think they should make the damage curve on the charge a lot more like

instead of

Cos its retarded that spamming for headshots is a viable option. Alternatively, slow the rate of fire down.

(Paul Corkin) #489

Can we get a D.Va buff please Blizzard. I love playing her but she is useless at the minute i feel compared to other tanks.

(Luke) #490

She doesnt really play as a tank atm more like a character there to hassle single targets up close.
Her damage in mech ether needs increasing slighty or rate of fire increasing.

(Ryan Roberts) #491

Are these live yet? Or do I have to endure more Mcree bullshit for a little while longer?

(Scott) #492

it’s live

(Josh) #493

Oh shit, it’s live! I will jump on later and see what the crack is.

(Sam Hather) #494

Mcree still well good. Just not against tanks. Yeeeeeeee

(Paul Corkin) #495

Yeah i was saying a rate of fire buff would be nice for her mech, I know she is used to hassle single targets but getting to them is hard cause you die so fast.

(Lewis) #496

Anyone used www.masteroverwatch.com?

Really good site that tracks all of your stats.

(Dean) #497

It’s not bad, but doesn’t track custom games. It’s leader boards are a little weird as well since it’s based on total time. Doesn’t have much that isn’t already in game though.


(Scott) #499

Apparently I’m rank #170 Mei

(Xenoscythe) #500

Yeah why it shows the total score as rank instead of score/min i’ll never know.

Just favours people that only play 1 char.

(Gavin Rainey) #501

stats for my mains

(DayC) #502

Me and you should double tank mate our stats are similar. I would get on StreetPig more but he’s just not as good as Zarya or Rein.

(Gavin Rainey) #503

Roadman fam, they call me Captain hook on the streets

Me and @Roozle roll deep together, he plays the best Torbjorn and D.va