Overwatch, new FPS from Blizzard

(Lewis) #504

On dat tracer/zarya time - http://masteroverwatch.com/profile/pc/eu/Mckeever-2697

(Yan) #505

I fucking hate Mercy so much. The epitome of Q to win

(Van Slab) #506

I just watched @Noodle get gold damage as Mercy it was peaceful

(DayC) #507

Comp patch out, will change next season so read the patch notes.

(Ryan Roberts) #508

I couldn’t see anything in the patch notes, but can teams pick multiples of the same hero in competitive?

(DayC) #509

@Tugsy @Sync says he played with double Zarya this morning.

(Gavin Rainey) #510

yeah no hero limitation as of right now.

(Ryan Roberts) #511

I think this is the one thing I would like to see in competitive… I can see some teams running some troll lineups doing very well in this mode now.


Something hit me today, I’ve always thought I’m benefiting the team because I nearly always have a positive K/D ratio… But in this game you’ve really got to strive for double your death rate because most of the time 2 people will be attributed to a kill.

(Ryan Roberts) #513

The most important stat for me has always been damage done, then eliminations.

(Ben ) #514

The most important stat will always be direct rocket Hit %

(Lethal) #515

Yer don’t do a Sublime, 5000 shots fired, 50 hit, shittest long range aim EU.

(Dean) #516

Don’t go chasing stats, they are mostly meaningless. It’s easy to top damage as any hero if you’re against a Reinhardt. Same as when a Reinhardt has silly damage blocked, it means nothing if he was stood on his own all game protecting no-one.

Each hero has a role, and each role has a simple objective. These are what you should be focusing on, provided you’re doing you’re objective you’re playing fine, any medals are an added bonus. A few examples are as a flanker you need to be taking out the healers / sniper. As a Widow or S76 you must be killing Pharah the second she enters the fight, as Pharah make sure you’re keeping the turrets down if they have a Toj or Bastion.

If you achieve your objective you’ve made the fight a whole lot easier for your team and you’re now able to help them with their objectives. Medals are good for XP, that’s about it.

(Scott) #517

I’d say stats are pretty big actually. I lost 7 of my placements but still got rank 52 (still shit but considering I lost so much not the worst) because I had 2-3 golds literally every game.

(Xenoscythe) #518

my ranked solo experience consists of

Fairly certain medals mean jack shit since i finished every promo game with usually a minimum of 2 golds and i still came out rank 49. Every game since has been the same, still lose a shit tonne of exp for a loss and gain the same back for a win. Yet i play against far better people in quick play when solo queueing?

(Xenoscythe) #519

i really dont get how it works anything out, standard shitty blizzard ranking system


Control point maps are bugged atm and aren’t giving the correct xp, I assume it’s that in this case? Blizz are aware and looking to fix asap apparently.

(Xenoscythe) #521

That would make a bit more sense.

(Scott) #522

tfw you’ve had 37 golds across 16 ranked games but still losing more than winning

(Dean) #523

I didn’t mean in regards to your rank, not a clue how or if it affects it. Also your placements were based on your QM MMR, so if you went 3-7 and ended up at 52 you probably had a solid QM MMR.

I was more stating that chasing stats doesn’t win games and to not worry too much about them.