Overwatch, new FPS from Blizzard

(Ryan Roberts) #524

Won all six of my qualifications matches so far… one which went to sudden death. Luckily we got to be on offence…


Going 4w 5l atm, lost 3 games in a row last night =(

(Rob Thomas) #526

3 for 3 in my placements so far. Just dropped 66 kills with 25k damage and I played Mercy for 2 checkpoints.

Think ya’ll just need to git gud.

(Paul Corkin) #527

Went 7-3 in placements, lost one due to being kicked to login and couldn’t connect to the game again which is dumb because we where 1-0 up in hill mode and winning pretty easily.

(Sam Hather) #528

what stats did you get tho?

(Dean) #529

Fuck this game. Lost a game we were winning because team members quit, lost a level, won a game, gained a quarter of a level, next game got black screen so had to close the game, auto loss.

I’ve fell so unlucky so far. Not played many but it feels like every game someone is afk / leaving.

(Xenoscythe) #530

Yeah this whole system how it stands is flat out stupid, i’m not sure why i’m getting punished for the leaving .

Team-mate leaves = -50% of a level
Opponent leaves = +10% of a level

Team-mate leaves and you win = +10% of a level?!?!?!?!

(DayC) #531

Blizzard can’t balance a game competitively?! No way, this must be a first.

(Xenoscythe) #532

(Paul Corkin) #533

Double Winston. :cry:

(Yan) #534

Ranked is making me suicidal. Doesn’t help that I’ve got worse rather than better

(Ryan Roberts) #535

I’m not sure if I’m noticing it more, but I seem to be getting punished hard by Hog and his hooks; clean through walls constantly and they never seem to miss.

Would it be too much to ask for the chain to break/rebound (retaining it’s cool down) if it goes through a wall/obstacle?

(Xenoscythe) #536

If you aim just above peoples heads/ just behind people you hit the hook 100% of the time even if theyre behind walls, works kinda the same as Hanzo’s arrows & Mei’s alt fire.

Weird lag compensation combined with overly large hitboxs & slight aim assist on the projectiles, that all favour the shooter.


(Xenoscythe) #537

@Sync looks like you’re not far off the top 500 eu, certainly in the top 1%, keep going!

(-.---.) #538

Yeah not sure how it’ll even out since there was an apparent bell-curve of 95% players between rank 40-60, although not sure if where I heard that from was correct.

Probably dropped lower since I haven’t playing much at all recently, but i’ll be happy if I stay up in the 99% percentile.

(Ryan Roberts) #539

Lost my last four placement matches last night… two quitter games and one match where we just got annihilated. Level 58.

It’s kind of lost its initial charm.

(Sam Hather) #540

Competitive rule set is shite that’s why. Absolutely fucking ridiculous how they’ve rolled it out. They have said coin tosses won’t be a thing in season 2 though!!

(Dean) #541

They are slowly fixing the quitter issues. Problem is it takes 3 quits to trigger the 30 minute cool down. This should not be a thing, a single quit and you should be on the first cool down. There is no real penalty to quitting so people just leave as they want.

(Luke) #542

Not even attempted ranked till the gayness is ironed out. The quitter penality is f**ked up.
If you leave once, a cooldown should be applied for a like 2hrs minimum.
Also I imagaine playing with randomers is a ball ache.

(DayC) #543

This is all assuming that Blizzard can a genuine leave and a disconnect. I’d be demanding a refund if my internet cut out once (which it does do from time to time) in a game and they put me on 2 hour cooldown.