Overwatch, new FPS from Blizzard

(Ryan Roberts) #544

Yeah, I think 30 minutes is more fair. Lets you widdle the time away in casual mode but long enough so don’t want to do it again and mess, if applicable, any team mates about.

(Gavin Rainey) #545

Valve got this right on CS they should literally just copy it.

1: 30min
2: 2 hours
3: 24 hours
4: 7 days

and yeah this game in comp is pretty whack to be honest.

(Xenoscythe) #546

(Xenoscythe) #547

(Dean) #548

As long as there is enough time to get back in (I think 60 seconds is a bit too quick due to how long it takes a router to reboot), then you should be fine. While ever there is no penalty for the first quit of the day people will abuse it.

(Xenoscythe) #549


(Luke) #550

Why do golden guns exist? They look so daft.
Used to hate it on COD when everyone was running around with shiny gats.
Why not do something different to show a players priestige?
Like a custom skin for the whole character, similar to master
skins in HoS.

(Sam Hather) #551

@Sync is dis u?


Starting to play with Zarya, she’s possibly the greatest character to play as with the worst design. Fun though when it clicks.

(DayC) #553

@smather that’s not our @Sync apparantly :frowning:

(Dean) #554


Top UK team is looking for a hitscan DPS player. Any of you scouse lads interested?

(Paul Corkin) #555

Who has time to scrim 6 hours a day?

(Dean) #556

Anyone wanting to be a top player.



(Sam Hather) #558

Easy… work 9-5, get home and make tea. Play 6-12 and then go bed, re-cycle this lifestyle then top yourself because you have no friends, your girlfriend has left you and you have nothing to show for it


(Dean) #559

This ain’t Halo no more mate, you ain’t playing for £50 and a T-Shirt signed by GemGem no more. There is big money in esports now, and someone like these guys who are without a doubt the best team in the UK could end up making some serious cash.

For the average player though, you would be correct.

(DayC) #560

@Sync @Veasu @SamHiggy @Prio @Scy @AnDyBloop

(Anthony) #561
  • unemployed
  • students on average or below average lecture hours
  • part time workers
  • and just about doable with 40hrs a week employment, by making social sacrifices

(Gavin Rainey) #562

It isnt 6 hours a day soild scrimming either, you need time stratting, rewatching demos etc

(Dean) #563

You just named 6 people, they should make a team!