Overwatch, new FPS from Blizzard

(Gavin Rainey) #666

did he really use that how i met your mother bullshit line

(Sam Connolly) #667

You’d think “what happens if our servers go down” would be one of the test cases when testing this game…

(DayC) #668

He must be feeling left out of the Innkeeper’s “GOLDEN LEEEEEGENDARY” memes.

(Peter Woodberry) #669

I need to get to 25 to be able to play competitive so if anyone wants to run some quick play hit me up - Mania#21813

Pretty good aimer can play a damage role or support with Ana/Mercy/Lucio

(Lethal) #670

What level are you at the moment?

(Peter Woodberry) #671

Level 14, havent really played since first 2 weeks of release.

(Ben ) #672

I will play some with you later if you want.

I will carry you with Zen :smiley:

(Gavin Rainey) #673

I have prac with the lads but then I will


Wanna make a team for spring lan pete? No prac or anything just mm

(Peter Woodberry) #674

For Overwatch? or CS? I’m keen for a mix on either game!

(Gavin Rainey) #675


it is a lot easier to pick up and we are a lot closer to others skill wise

(-.---.) #676

gg boys i made it

(DayC) #677

Congrats @Sync and @Lex :slight_smile:

(Luke) #678

Not played overwatch in ages but the new short is pretty slick.
Sombra is foxy af.

(Adam) #679

Pharah still best girl.

(Sam Hather) #680

Season 3 starts today

(Scott) #681

3149 SR

Not bad

(Liam Dakin) #682

6-1-3, 3010 :slight_smile:

(Max Schneider) #683

I did a thing, guys.

(Adam Harwood) #684

And there’s me happy I got out of Silver + Gold and into Plat. Congrats man!

(Scott) #685

I did dis