(C**t ) #43

Based on what you’ve shown i wouldn’t of reported, it was dodgey but not enough for me to report, if as you say that’s the case then i cant make the same assumptions as you as you’ve seen all of it.

(Andy ) #44

All this big boy talk, you want me to use that screenshot again?

(Ben ) #45

Not cheating. You can see him switch targets and leave ppl ect after a team mate has seen or engaged. Its just good awareness and eliminating were they could possibly be down to team info.

(Mark Dornan) #46

Later in the video it is more obvious with the icing on the cake being it running into smoke directly at player and knifing him without seeing him.

But this is the one that got away as I didn’t get a chance to submit the report.

In another case today, Another it was derping away (justsilverthings) and then in the last few seconds of the demo he goes full aimbot trigger bot wallhack out of the blue.

I was going to stop the demo and give him a clean report, lucky I didn’t :smile:

You need to understand that the smart ones don’t want to get caught and try really hard to hide what they are doing, which is more difficult than most people think, especially wallhacks.

The worst situation for the wallhacker is him being the last man, as he knows all is watching his every move, this is when you see them fuck up.

(C**t ) #47

(Mark Dornan) #48

I can’t tell you any more about CS:GO and cheats as you seem to know it all already, but I can tell you about your mum and me.

Shall I tell you more about that?

I’m sure you will find that fascinating.

(Ben ) #49

Did i watch the same video? I dont see a bit were he runs into smoke with a knife. I will have to rewatch must have missed that bit.

(C**t ) #50

Please, make a thread about it, id love to see your stats on it.

(Mark Dornan) #51

As I said I was saving the best for last but when I returned to frap the second part of the video Steam had taken it away and gave me a new case, I didn’t even get to submit report.

(Peter Woodberry) #52

Don’t get personal boys.

On topic the guy isn’t cheating, he has good game sense, reacts to his team mates comms well and his peeks are good but his crosshair placement is distinctly average and his reactions are very slow. If he was walling he wouldn’t miss the 2 guys coming out of lower A even with slow reactions and being honest even I could hit those shots and I’m awful with the AWP.

(C**t ) #53

Just a question, did you limit the game to 30fps, because of the capture software or do you always have it capped.

(Mark Dornan) #54

Did you miss the part where I said that I was saving the best for last which confirm without question that he was after all cheating?

(Peter Woodberry) #55

Even if that is the case from what you’ve shown me he looks 100% legit.

(Mark Dornan) #56

Capture software more than likely or somewhere along the line of conversion or compression tools I use.

(Mark Dornan) #57

But it is the case and you are wrong. I count at least ten red flag moments in that vid.

The cheats I have seen can have the aimbot target any part of the body and adjustable FOV from 1 degree to 360, and can be toggled with holding a button

The wallhack can also be set in size to what you see and how you see it and can obviously be toggled

They can flick it on and off or strobe to keep track of where people are.

This is a very basic cheat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DberK09ar-0 this is your regular retard cheat.

Just for giggles send me a demo of one of your games where you played out of your skin and I will give you an honest opinion on whether I would have submitted that you were cheating.

I’m not saying I’m 100% accurate at spotting cheats , I probably called several wrong but that’s the genius of overwatch it’s not just me who decides, it’s a group of probably hundreds who decide.

As for in game calling some bellend a cheat, that’s just my way of raging, I report everyone I suspect without mercy as at the end of the day it’s down to overwatch and If I catch one all the better if not then no harm done.

I’ve been dealing with these dirt bags since I started playing online games, nearly 15 years, it gets a bit grinding after that length of time .

(Xenoscythe) #58

I’m not sure if i’m watching the same video as you guys or you’re just being sarcastic, there is no way on earth voice comms could call some of those positions. He is absolutely walling. Maybe its toggle based but he absolutely knew when the guy was coming or going in palace and he knew the guy in mid a, (who wasn’t firing or in line of sight of teammates at the time) was walking backwards, right into his crosshair.

(Peter Woodberry) #59

https://www.dropbox.com/s/vtfl6dl7k456ip1/woodchuck_overgrown.dem - I’m Jeff Stelling enjoy.

I’ve played competitive FPS games on PC since 2008 and believe me I can spot a cheater when I see one.

(C**t ) #60

We are being serious. Guy he flicks to in mid: there is a guy in window that will be able to hear him run into connector, look at the mid, also the player in jungle can see the guy in apps, calling them out. Also if you mean the apps player at the end the player at CTT dies to him and will call him out, everyone of the people he kills, is in a common callout spot.

You have to be certain ‘BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT’ they are cheating and the fact is everything he does or fails to do is explicable.

(Mark Dornan) #61

Today’s roundup

1, aimbot.

2, wallhack, aimbot.

3, clean.

4, clean.

5, wallhack.

6, clean.

7, wallhack

8, the works.

9, clean.

10, the works , whole team cheating.

11, griefing

12, don’t know, game stayed in fast forward and ct won 16 nil. no kills no movement however guns were being bought.

13, clean.

14, the works

15, suspected wallhack, not enough evidence.

(Mark Dornan) #62

Nothing, absolutely clean as a whistle, not even a “here hang on how the fuck”.

Your movement is normal, peaking excellent, aim excellent, listening excellent.

I really can’t see how you can watch your demo then watch the video above and not notice anything suspicious about the way that vermin plays.

Would have given a clean report on your demo, truly honest opinion.

On the other hand did I really play that shit in that game, I don’t remember it being that bad :slight_smile: