(Gaskin) #1

I know Bagel / Noodle play this as well as me and Freebird so thought I’d make a thread.

What’s everyone’s usernames?

Ingame ID’s

Noodle - Eldoon
Bagelzend - Bagelzend
Gaskin - Gaskin
Roozle - Roozle
Freebird - Freebird
Zigenzag - Zigenzag

(So far nice and easy apart from me being awkward)

Updated by Noodle

(Dean) #2


Got 6 keys going if anyone needs one.

(Gaskin) #3

@Sith may want one ?

(Josh) #4

Would be awesome to play with some more people as you do tend to get some handicapped folks who have no idea what they are doing.

I think my username is Freebird, I say I think because I don’t know if its in game name or the account name that is required.

I will add you @Noodle and hopefully you and Bagel can play at some point.

(C**t ) #5

Yea im looking for one if you could send me one dean.

(Josh) #6

@Bagelzend whats ur tag? I guessed just bagel so either that is you or I will have a random person on my list XD


It’s Bagelzend mate, completely a shock to you I would assume ^^ But yea, I’ve also got 3x keys I think somewhere as well so yea =D Unsure if I’m on tonight as it’s Han’s birthday but I should be around midday tomorrow if not.

(Josh) #8

Must have spelt it wrong haha!

(Sam Hather) #9

send me sum invites u sxc bastards x

(Josh) #10

I also have invites I can send out now. I have 5 remaining, just need an email to send the invitation to. If you don’t want your email public on here just pm me and I will send you one.

(Dean) #11

Sent some invites out. Also you get invites yourself at level 4, 7, 10 and 20. You get 3 invites each time, so there should be loads floating around.

(Gaskin) #12

New things coming in the next patch this weekend (not sure if there’s official patch notes yet this is what I saw from their live stream)

  • Now when holding the teleport you can’t shoot until you put it back down. Actual teleport shown in your hand.
  • Instant teleporting and visual of teleport changed rather than previous 2 second teleport.
  • Ruckus sounds updated and has a new ult which is a Hexafire mechanic where he stands still and shoots a fuck load of rockets.
  • Various cards removed and new ones added.
  • Card system changing, you no longer pick during the lobby.
  • Craft decks in the home screen. Pick 5 neutral cards as passive abilities and then 5 champion cards for upgrading during the game.
  • Champion decks are not restricted to one of each tier (rare, common etc) the only restriction is one legendary, the rest could all be epics.
  • Ult percentage now charges over time, roughly 1% every 3 seconds.
  • Jump height cut in half for all characters.
  • Movement speed increased by 15% for all characters.

That’s pretty much it as far as I’m aware. Ranked mode to be implemented within the next 30 days and a new sniper character to be introduced in the following patch if all goes well.

I must say the changes look positive and they do seem to be building a good game here.

(Dean) #13

What a wank change. That stops me getting on the enemies balcony in Glacier Keep now. I hope this doesn’t half Pips F ability as well.

New card system sounds interesting, except some classes have fuck all cards so unsure how that will go. Will be nice for Grohk at least as every good card is an Epic. His healing totem will be immense.


Interesting changes, can’t wait to test them out ^^ I’ll be online briefly tonight from 11 but up early as we’re going to London tomorrow.

(Sam Hather) #15

Anybody got another spare code going? Asking for a mate so if you don’t wanna give on that’s sound as a pound x

(Gaskin) #16

We’ve all got codes just pop his email here if he doesn’t mind and if no one else sends a code I’ll do it tomorrow.

Hoping the patch will go live tomorrow and I’ll be on if anyone wants to play

(Sam Hather) #17

[email protected]

feel free to dick pic

Thanks @Gaskin !

(Dean) #18

Invite sent, he best use it!

(Sam Hather) #19

Absolute fucking hero

(Sam Hather) #20


erm yeah, this game is great… lvl 7 now so have more invites if anyone needs

returning the @Noodle favour