(Dean) #41

Will be using this to organise games. Once I’m back in the UK I’ll look at throwing together 10 man’s since we have so much interest in the game. Probably this Sunday if people are around.

(Sam Hather) #42

All day, person of colour

(Dean) #43

We can captain up my colonial friend

(Ben ) #44

How many spreadsheets have you done?

(Dean) #45

Three. One for damage output, one for survivability and a third for how many times you’ve used that joke.


It’s mothers day but i should be around depending on time =)

(Dean) #47

Mines will probably be more fun with cards. There was datamined a card that reduced the scope charge time as well. @xenoscythe to carry us after this patch.


So - crafting mats change btw, unsure who’s seen this. It’s now all done by gold, including weapon crafting. Crystals are pretty much how they were, 50 crystals = 1 radiant chest, giving 1k gold now instead of the previous crafting material. Pretty standard monatisation affair tbh.

(Sam Hather) #49

Looking for 2

(Matt) #50

Add me moondesuwow

(Ryan Roberts) #51

Got a beta invite last night, going to have a little play this week.

(Dean) #52

Well that’s shit. Buying cards I’m fine with, but buying heroes and cards? It’s cheaper to buy Overwatch. I’ll keep playing for now but I’m not buying heroes at all, even more annoying that I bought skins thinking I had no other use for the gold since I have all the cards.

(Ryan Roberts) #53

Surely the developers can’t have missed the furore when Overwatch tried going with something similar? This kind of pricing model just isn’t attractive and with Overwatch on the horizon it’s not going to be able to compete.

Shame, I played a couple of games and it showed promise.

(Sam Hather) #54

ahahahah that has just completely killed this fucking game off

nvm @Noodle , we cool


Whilst, I’m happy to see them take on the ‘Smite’ style of, founders pack = all champs, but this is still a silly change with OW just around the corner. Though gold is a lot easier to come by with this recent patch, buying cards + chars is just… ugh.

(Luke) #56

Far as f2p games go the business model is well decent but will any
of you play Paladins when Over Watch comes out?

And google shows that Paladins is gonna be released for PS4 & Xbox?

(Sam Hather) #57

will 10000% be dropping it for OW. Unless Roozle’s angels start smashing the world x

(Xenoscythe) #58

It’ll be dead when Overwatch comes out. Its miles and miles behind it in terms of both development and game-play. It’s polished enough to play but many of its key defining aspects have been nullified by its own updates, very odd.

Its major issue at the minute is being so slow pushing out hot-fixes for game breaking bugs. We had to endure almost 2 days of 1 char being almost invulnerable because they released the patch on a Friday and didn’t hot-fix it until the Sunday evening after mass outcry. The fix would’ve been as simple as disabling either the char or the card.

On the plus side, they do listen to their user-base and I’ve had several responses from their developers on the discord channel which is great.

(Luke) #59

Yeah that makes sense, blizzard are the bosses at polishing games. Personally I won’t be playing Paladins anymore just due to not being able to commit to multiple FPS games due to work and such. Since its F2P sure it’ll have a steady base of founders players, kids and casuals.

(Xenoscythe) #60

So, seems i was really quite wrong in my last post, at least after a bit of time once the Overwatch hype died down!

They finally appear to have stopped trying to be an Overwatch clone and went their own direction, some really great mechanics in the newer characters and game-modes.

Maps, characters and graphics have had a huge overhaul, all being way way better optimized. There’s now a competitive ranking system and a matchmaking that seems to work ok, though I’d prefer it was a bit more transparent with its numbers. It has leader-boards for both personal overall ranking and individual character ranking so you have multiple things to aim for during a game. Mount system is a million times better now, cant mount at will, only at the start of a round.

They now do major testing on a PTR so updates aren’t nearly as broken on release.

The time to kill is way longer than Overwatch and I find it much more enjoyable because of this, as that is my main gripe with OW.

Oh and i just hit master rating, mmmMMM.