{pc} no mans sky

(Sanchez ) #1

I cant see a thread ,this must be the only gaming forum that isn’t talking about it…

Anyway does anyone have it on PC? It seems universally panned from the PS4 reviews .I do like the idea of a game that i can just pick up and put down whenever i like without fear of multiplayer penalization.

(Gazza) #2

its been awful on pc with lag and crashes so i would wait for a few weeks till they patch stuff to give it a go i guess

(Dean) #3

It’s been discussed in here, but not many of us seem to have much interest by the looks of it.

(C**t ) #4

Total Biscuit streamed it earlier and it ran almost as badly as Arkham Knight last year, so I would wait before you buy it to be honest.

(Rob Thomas) #5

What @Gazza said.

Textures look like PS2 graphics in places, frame rates drops, etc… The port’s so bad there’s PS4 library files on the PC version. Refunded until they patch it.

(Yan) #6

Outside of how terrible the port is, it’s boring as fuck. First planet is great but by the 3rd or 4th you’re begging for something different. Shocking game.

(Sanchez ) #7

O wow that sounds awful. Might aswel wait for the “GOTY” version for <£15 in about 2 years then.Gutted

(Fatmanp) #8

.@NoMansSky Apologize. pic.twitter.com/v1BfN3cc9z

— Britbong (@Britbongreturns) August 15, 2016

(DayC) #9

Did they take down on copyright grounds?!

They can’t escape the facts though:


(Ryan Roberts) #10

What was the video, it looks like it’s been taken down.

(C**t ) #11

(Sam Hather) #12

Was a comparison of the cool as fuck creatures shown in the 2014 (I think?) trailer, compared to some fucking dumb t-rex thing that had like fucking oars for hands in the actual game haha

(C**t ) #13

It was this trailer with the theme of Jurassic Park next to the released game with as you say some T-Rex thing with bland colours and textures,

(Fatmanp) #14


(Luke) #15

After sinking just over twenty hours into No Man’s Sky on PS4 I’ve come to
the conclusion that it’s got a lot of potential but at the minute it’s just not
the game it was made out to be. The hype around this game was crazy and
I was pretty sure it would’nt live up to it but as the game stands currently
it doesnt even live up to 10% of that cra cra hype.

(Some) beautiful scenery
Planet scale is on point
Learning alien languages is neat

Combat is bland
Spaceship flight is unengaging
Ship customisation is nonexistent
Lots of bugs, mainly random crashes
Most animals look the same and are not a real threat

And my biggest gripe is the crafting system. You can only craft something
once you have learnt the recipe and the actual amount of materials
requred to craft something is stupidly low. Minerals can usually be found
in big clumps on a planets surface. Mining all of said clump usually takes
no more then five minutes, I have yet to get a recipe that has required me
to use even a tenth of said clump so you just end up going from planet
to planet mining sh*t and then selling it for money to buy a ship that
has more storage then the ship you currently have.

And what do you store in the extra storage of your ship? More f**king
minerals that you hang on to in the hope you’ll actually need them
for something.

(DayC) #16

And so the modders begin doing what they do best, pushing a game with potential in the right direction.

(Sanchez ) #17

So i have managed to source it for the PC with the latest hotfix so i could try it .I have done probably 8 hours or so at the minute.
The game is temperamental ,it will sometimes load ,sometimes wont.When it does load its,sometimes its unplayable forcing a restart.

Once running ,it stays running.Graphically it does max 1080p at 60fps without any stutter with my OC R390.However i don’t rate the graphics at all.

I like the premise of the game and i started off on a earth like planet ,took me a while to figure out what you actually need to progress from star system to star system.To me the game seems half finished in content and features ,although strangely i will carry on playing as i like to grind at my own pace