[PC] USF4 Tournament #1

(Peter Woodberry) #41

Anyone able and willing to stream the top 4 matches and do a bit of commentary? I can’t stream now I’m back at my parents but I can give you the SSRCG SF4 overlay I have and stuff.

(Dean) #42

How long you back there for?

(Gavin Rainey) #44

I will do it @Woodchuck send me everything I need

(Peter Woodberry) #45

We’re down to 8 now as Bayseeker20 can’t make it. At least we dont have to have a prelim round now!

(Dean) #46

Two groups of 4 with the top two going through?

(Peter Woodberry) #47

Another time yeah for now though we’ll stick to this and see how it goes.

(Luka) #48

what time pls respond

(Gavin Rainey) #49

5pm pls

(Luka) #50

is that when its starting

(Gavin Rainey) #51

Nah signups close bracket up then event at 7

(Luka) #52

alright i have to pull out then, i thought we were meant to be playing yesterday and then it changed to 5pm today. my bad.

(Peter Woodberry) #53

Taken you out Luka, here’s the bracket lads - http://binarybeast.co.uk/xUSFIV1409070

Starting at 7 so everyone make sure you’re around for then!

(Rob Thomas) #54

Fucking Rose first round.

Kill me now.

(Peter Woodberry) #55

At least if you lose you get a bye to top 6!

(Scott Miles) #56

Good luck Rob you can do it mate.

(Rob Thomas) #57

Thanks for believing in me senpai.

(Van Slab) #58

You not wanna play m8?

(Rob Thomas) #59

How’s this getting done anyway? We just making a lobby and letting you know the score?

(Peter Woodberry) #60

Yeah make an endless and send me the scores on Steam pl0x.

(Gaskin) #61

Just played Noodle early so I can get some dinner in at 7.

I won 2-0 (2-0 / 2-0) if this is where we’re reporting scores.

Edit: just seen your post Pete. Will message you.