[PC] USF4 Tournament #1

(Van Slab) #62

Save your replays dads

(Gaskin) #63

Replays don’t save in endless do they?

(Peter Woodberry) #64

I’ll tell you how to get to them later I’m pretty sure they do.

(Scott Miles) #65

Had to go out otherwise i probably would have, ill play in the next one.

(Peter Woodberry) #66

Final Results:

1st - TannerRob (Rose/Chun Li
2nd - WoodchucK (Ryu/Ken/Cody)
3rd - Rodney (T.Hawk/Rose)
4th - JBSSTEVE (Oni/Ryu)
5th/6th - Gaskin (Ken)
5th/6th - Karneasy (Oni)
7th - Noodle (Chun Li)

(Dean) #67



(Luka) #68

nice man congrats, wish i was able to play, think i could have gotten top 8 easily.

(Rob Thomas) #69

Pete is free, hold dat.

That is all.

(Luka) #70

OOOH killem

(Mark Dornan) #71

You have let me down for the last time Rod.

(Van Slab) #72

Sorry Uncle, need to put some time in working on my execution

(Gavin Rainey) #73


Mine and Steves games were ultimately fucked, the lag was so bad yet we had no issues with anyone else.

Both standing just punching from afar, not a single input was right that day :expressionless:

(Van Slab) #74

@Noodle Why don’t you play Poison ?

(Dean) #75

Because I like Chun Li

(Rob Thomas) #76

Chun Li is life.

(Luka) #77

why dont you try edgy characters like evil ryu, akuma and sakura

(Rob Thomas) #78

Everyone knows if you want to play an edgy character you play Dan, Honda or Dejay.

(Luka) #79

yeah but they dont have top tier lines like “the black of my soul reaches into the depths of hell where i just sent u” or words to thta effect

(Matt) #80

Play Ryu. No-one plays Ryu

(Gavin Rainey) #81

Ask Woodchuck on who to play, he uses the Sanford Kelly philosophy: