[PC] USF4 Tournament #1

(Peter Woodberry) #82

Ryu/Cody so top tier.

(Gavin Rainey) #83

Don’t give me that m8, you were using Ryu on AE2012 when his uppercut would beat everything, like Daigo at Dreamhack.

Cody I will give you but Ken?

Its like when Ultra came out and you started playing Yun.

(Peter Woodberry) #84

Ryu’s never been top tier, the reason you’ve ever seen him in top 8 in any major is because Daigo is just so good.

I played Yun a bit in AE2012 because hes fun to play and carried on with that in Ultra.

(Matt) #85

I play punchy man

(Gavin Rainey) #86


Koji KOG (Hawk player)
“Haitani-san was filming when I won Dogura-san’s Rolento by just doing Condor Spire. Then I realized and kneeled down and said to him (Haitani) ‘Please don’t upload this. If Capcom finds out Hawk’ll get nerfed to death!’ It was uploaded anyway.”

And Pete the lowest anyone rated Ryu on AE2012 was A-

What about Ken?

(Matt) #87

I play Jigglypuff

(Peter Woodberry) #88

He’s been A+ and A- which is mid tier, why would I not transition to Ken who is a far better character than Ryu but very similar in terms of execution.

(Gavin Rainey) #89

Why are you even justifying me with a reply when its obvious im just calling you a tier whore mate? Come on I thought you knew me.

(Rob Thomas) #90

Only tier whore on the forums is @SupaShock. Kid only plays Yun and E.Ryu.

Complete scrub.