[PC] USF4 Weekly #2

(Josh) #21

What have I done? If this is for this weekend I can’t :frowning:

(Peter Woodberry) #22

Just trying to get people interested, its gonna be every Sunday and its good fun and practice :stuck_out_tongue:

(Matt) #23

Put me down if there’s still space, I can actually play now.

(Gaskin) #24

Can’t this weekend, good luck everyone else.

(Peter Woodberry) #25

Right boys signups close at 5PM when I will be releasing the brackets, tournament will be seeded off of last weeks results with the rest done in order of signup.

Remember it starts at 7PM so be ready to get salty and hold dat shit!

(Anthony) #26

Starting at 7 and when is the expected finish time?

(Peter Woodberry) #27

Last week we managed an 8 player bracket by 8:30 so I’d say 9 latest if everyone is on and gets their games done quickly.

If everyone comes on the TeamSpeak we can get the games going ASAP.

(Adam) #28

Still waiting for my student loan to come in to work out if I can afford the game.

(Peter Woodberry) #29

Fair enough mate, JBSSTEVE’s pulled out so we have 9 and here is the bracket!


(Van Slab) #30

lets go spua

(Dean) #31

Want to use my account for tonight?

(Peter Woodberry) #32

I know I’ve said signups are closed at 5 but I’ll allow this for the sake of even numbers!

(Luka) #33

when do we start playing

(Anthony) #34

GG’s to @Matt, @WoodchucK and @Rod

(Matt) #35



(Luka) #36

i never want to play vs t hawk again

(Adam) #37

Sorry guys, only just got home, thought I’d be back in time.

I’ll try and make it next week, should have the game by then

(Peter Woodberry) #38

Rodney’s T.Hawk is literally aids, wish Ken could punish condor dive :frowning:

(Luka) #39

i dont even know waht the character does so i just got fucked by dive and went on tilt and just lost

(Matt) #40

Blanka OP.