[PC] USF4 Weekly #2

(Rob Thomas) #41

U2, step kick and maybe fireball or EX fireball.

Edit: According to Scott.

(Adam) #42

Okay so I’ve decided to buy it now because I’m going to be getting it whether I can afford to or not.

Someone teach me?

(Scott Miles) #43

Well Played lads :smile:

(Peter Woodberry) #44

Good games guys I was salty after losing to Rodney’s gay T.Hawk, gonna have to learn some new tactics to fight him.

1st - SupaShock
2nd - Rodney
3rd - WoodchucK
4th - Luka
5th/6th - An7
5th/6th - Based TeqR
7th/8th - Frosty
7th/8th - Karneasy
9th - Bayseeker20

(Dean) #45

Need to create a new badge for every week. So people can build up collections.

(Peter Woodberry) #46

No need as the 2 I created can be awarded multiple times so you can build up a collection!

(Dean) #47

Would be nice to know which weeks though. Keep a record I can build that in to the new site.

(Peter Woodberry) #48

They’ll all be on the challonge page ssrcg.challonge.com so should be fine!