[PC] USF4 Weekly #3

(Peter Woodberry) #21

Bracket is LIVE - http://ssrcg.challonge.com/USF4W3

EDIT: Refresh I forgot to add Nyu in since he asked me to put him down on Steam.

(Adam) #22

I made it an odd amount of players AND I’m going to get first rounded. gg

(Peter Woodberry) #23

Odd numbers isn’t a problem just the more the merrier!

EDIT: Frostychode is our 10th player!

(Steven Burgess) #24

First round with Anth…thanks guyths!

(Peter Woodberry) #25

Just block low and win.

(Steven Burgess) #26

Yeah fair. Ibuki defense taqtics

(Anthony) #27

I am god awful at this game! :octopus:

(Adam) #28

Steven’s playing Ryu by the way, his wins don’t count.

(Rob Thomas) #29

@SupaShock with the most epic throw at the end of the last game.

(Aaron ) #30

Good games all :slight_smile: great grand finals set was so hype with many close matches

(Lethal) #31

GGs lads was a good laugh safe.

(Adam) #32

Yeah GGs, gonna have to try and get some practice in before next week.

(Peter Woodberry) #33

Nice turnout this week and some sick games, I need to get my shit together.

1st - Bayseeker20
2nd - SupaShock
3rd - Van Slab
4th - TannerRob
5th/6th - WoodchucK
5th/6th - Lethal
7th/8th - An7
7th/8th - Frostychode
9th-11th - Karneasy
9th-11th - TeqR
9th-11th - Nyu

(Gavin Rainey) #34

Second tournament I’ve lost out in lag to someone called Steve, who plays Ryu.

After taking a round off Shock with Dan too I was on it!

I was so mad.

I too wish to prac for next one.

(Lethal) #36

I played that guy as well and he plays completely random. You can’t ever predict wtf he’s attempting to do and the game was also just laggy as fuck.

Don’t blame you for getting pissed off, I was getting angry just trying to deal with his gay style.

(Gavin Rainey) #37

I figured him out in 1 round, typical ryu online. I stomped him, then on wakeup he would uppercut which iw ould block and some many times it didnt block then I would punish and i kept dropping the punish.

ps. Rodney for pres

(Lethal) #38

Rod played awesome his T Hawk is mental! Didn’t bloody expect it haha, took me to the final round of the final game and edged me in health. Look forward to playing him again and everyone else safe.

(Adam) #39

You’ve met Steven mate.


(Luka) #40


(Gavin Rainey) #41

I know you moron

Doesnt mean he isnt called steven, both times people were called steven

two different people