[PC] USF4 Weekly #4

(Lethal) #21

I’m down for 8pm, shouldn’t make a difference to anyone.

(Peter Woodberry) #22

I’ll change it to to 8PM from now on, I still think Sunday would be the best day to do it.

(Anthony) #23

Sunday 8pm is fine for me.

(Van Slab) #24

Anyone else is playing ?

@Freebird @TannerRob @Gaskin @Galyx @Frostychode @Nyu @SupaShock @joebrown1177 @Luka @imnotstilldadaddy @Matt @Frosty @The_Dice_man

(Scott Miles) #25

Yeah im down

(Dean) #26

Will let you know on Sunday Dads

(Rob Thomas) #27

Yeah I’ll play as well.

(Lethal) #28

Pull me out of the Tournament please I won’t be competing tonight ty.

(Rob Thomas) #29

Grats to @SupaShock for winning.


(Van Slab) #30

GGs dudes

Blanka OP

1st - SupaShock
2nd - TannerRob
3rd - Van Slab
4th - An7

(Matt) #31

I’ll give him the prize tomorrow when i gets paid.

(Blake) #32

I would play but I need to get a new controller and Ultra itself lol


(Lethal) #33

You lying cunt m9!