Phil da Bass - Production/Mixes

(SoldieR) #1

I figured I’d finally join the site and reintroduce myself to everyone. Gavin told me to post this here, so I hope it’s okay but if not, then please move the thread to the appropriate section. Nevertheless, here’s my newest mix for everyone to enjoy! It’s a 4-deck Drum & Bass mix, including a lot of new tracks from 2013/2014, as well as a couple of old-school tracks that I hope most people will appreciate. If you have any comments or criticism then please feel free to post them. If people would like a tracklist then I will post one when I have the time.

I’ve posted a link to the mix below. Enjoy!

(Ben ) #2

Sick Started off with one of my favorite tunes, Headroom! ! Check my Drum n Bass mixes out here as well :wink:

(Rob Thomas) #3

Filthy stuff Phillip, come along way since the last stuff I heard!

You playing anywhere yet or not?

(SoldieR) #4

Smidsy: You’d love some of the nights they do at motion in Bristol judging from your mix! You a fan of neuro/dark d&b then? Did you listen to all my mix then? I’m listening to yours right now and I like what I’m hearing: good stuff! :smile:

TannerRob: No way, I haven’t spoke to you in ages!? How have you been? Yeah I’d like to think I’ve improved - but practice makes perfect, and I’ve still got a long way to go haha. :smile:

(Ben ) #5

I run a sound system and music nights here in sheffield :smiley: In fact a few of my mates do quite a few set down bristol way. heard of Off Me Nut records? Do free parties as well. And yea i love my neuro and dark dnb. Also some jungle and breakcore :smiley: Listened to 1st half still need to listen to the rest! Good stuff though!

(Dean) #6

Long time no speak Phil man, how you doing. Still doing House mixes by any chance? I fancy some new ones.

(SoldieR) #7

Smidsy: Fair. I can’t say I have heard of them but I’ll definitely look into it! Do you know whereabouts they play? Thanks, let me know what you think about the last section when you’ve listened to it. Tasty triple drop at the end :smiley:

Noodle: Yes it’s been far too long! I can do a house mix if people want me to - I’ve been experimenting with 3-deck house/garage/2step recently so I might record one if I get the chance. Link me on Skype some good tracks if you like :smiley:

(SoldieR) #8

BUMP - anyone else had a chance to look yet? Any comments would be appreciated, so please don’t be shy! :blush:

(Randal Octagonapus) #9

Nice stuff number 6, I enjoyed it! I wouldn’t be able to really give feedback though as I know literally nothing about this field.

Also… long time no speak.

(SoldieR) #10

As long as you enjoyed it then that’s what I like to hear :smile:

Yes it seems like forever! How have you been? Are you still at Uni or have you moved on since then?

(SoldieR) #11

Anyone else getting SPY’s new album? It’s out tomorrow! :wink:

Here’s a new mix from him for anyone interested, quality mixing/track selection:

(SoldieR) #12

Long time since I posted on here! I decided to record a new mix, 4 decks used as always. Let me know what you think! Click the image below to see it :smile:


  1. Chase & Status - No Problem
  2. DJ Hazard - Bricks Don’t Roll
  3. TC - Tap Ho
  4. Filthy Habits & Fena - Better Off Dead (TI Remix)
  5. Mind Vortex - Overture
  6. Culture Shock - Troglodyte
  7. Dom & Roland - Jungle Beast (Optiv & BTK Remix)
  8. DJ Fresh - Heavyweight
  9. Break - Music Is Better
  10. Chase & Status - Blk & Blu (Calibre Remix) [feat. Ed Thomas]
  11. Heist & Pleasure - Code 3
  12. Callide - Drop Bombs
  13. Serum - Cape Fear
  14. FD - Ice 690
  15. Optiv & BTK - Ignition (TR Tactics Remix) [feat Ryme Tyme]
  16. DJ Guv - Straight Cash
  17. Konichi - Field of Vibrations
  18. Hoogs - Perfect Score
  19. Frankee - Flim Flam
  20. Ed Rush & Optical - Chubrub
  21. DJ Hazard - Time Tripping
  22. Dub Phizix & Strategy - Bounce
  23. S.P.Y. - Leave Me Alone
  24. Frankee - Gully
  25. D* Minds - Terminate
  26. Fourward - Tingod
  27. InsideInfo - The Plains
  28. Funtcase - Out For Da Milli (Annix Remix)
  29. S.P.Y. - BRSTL Hardcore
  30. June Miller - Bad Brains
  31. Maztek & Coppa - Like a Boss
  32. Gridlock & Prolix - Riot VIP
  33. Enei & Emperor - Liberation
  34. Rockwell - Detroit
  35. DC Breaks - Shakedown
  36. Basher - Xerox [feat Xtrah]
  37. Mob Tactics - The Answer
  38. Break & Mikal - Status Low
  39. Artificial Intelligence - Deadly Melody
  40. S.P.Y. - Heavy Metal
  41. Black Sun Empire & State Of Mind - Bad
  42. Computerartist & Qo - Cyber Ninja
  43. Audio - Ultron
  44. Break - Steam Train
  45. Teddy Killerz - Bronson
  46. Mob Tactics - Gasp For Breath
  47. Noisia & Phace - Purpose
  48. Optiv & BTK - Nemesis [feat. Mindscape]
  49. Maztek - Three Point Zero
  50. Mob Tactics - Wolf Trap
  51. Sub Zero - Your Flex
  52. Icicle - Problem [feat. Skittles]
  53. Dub Phizix - Happy 5
  54. Clarity - Surge

(Ben ) #13

Liking it. Good mix of different sub genres in the DNB family. Heres a little one from me I did not so long back. Bout to record a new mix soon as Ive just got some new decks and started using a new programme.

(SoldieR) #14

Nice one! What decks/software are you using?

(Ben ) #15

Just got my self a pioneer ddjt1 and using traktor 2. What do you use?

(SoldieR) #16

Ah nice one, is that a 2 or 4 deck midi? I use Serato DJ with a Numark N4 when at home. I want to buy some CDJs and 1210s eventually though, the midi can be frustrating at times.

(Ben ) #17

4 decks. It’s really good. It basically feels and looks the same as cdjs Apart from there is no cd drive. I prefer the creativity with using a midi once you have it all mapped and set up properly. Not a big fan of serato I think it’s a little over rated. Traktor just does so much more. Why does the midi frustrate you sometimes ?

(SoldieR) #18

I use Serato because of Scratch Live… whenever I messed around on vinyls over my friend’s house he would use Serato for loading tracks onto his dubplates. I have nothing wrong Traktor, to be fair you can play without software easily enough, it just seemed like the obvious choice at the time as I had previous experience with Serato (plus intro DJ came with my midi).

The MIDI frustrates me because I find having 4 physical decks in front of me much easier to control. When I’m switching track every 30/45 seconds, I personally find it’s easy to forget to switch decks. It means that I sometimes accidentally stop the track playing instead of playing the next one ha.