Pokémon Trading Card Game Online

(Gazza) #41

entered 24 ticket with my greninja abit diff than the one i linked and won it pretty easy :slight_smile:

(Gavin Rainey) #42

good shit, it used to be prime in the meta, so it is quite good to go in and win with.

my IGN is Karnesus add me and we can prac, I have trouble with Greninja decks.

(Gazza) #43

will do its not like a pro greninja deck but it does its job i guess

(Van Slab) #44

@Easy in a vs seekerless format -2 sycamore +2 sophocles might be decent

Then you can do madman plays like carbink break in the active, discard 2 energy draw 4 with sophocles and get the energy back on the bench for enhanced django

(Gavin Rainey) #45

I will make a version of my dingo with that in it today

(Van Slab) #46

@Noodle Pangoro is pretty bad

You might like these

(Anthony) #47

What’s the best 500 token theme deck to buy? Getting close to 500 so want to know what to buy.

(Van Slab) #48

Hidden moon

(Anthony) #49

Got a Darkrai GX is that any good?

Is it worth buying another 500 theme deck or saving for something else?

(Gavin Rainey) #50

If you could come into discord we can talk you through. Also put an energy or something up for trade by marking it as for trade, I can send you some spares I have to help you and we can help you build budget.

Budget decks are super viable in this, you wont get crushed.

(Anthony) #51

For sure. But you know what I don’t even own a microphone right now. I am going to pick up a cheap clip on in the next few days I miss coming in the discord for a chat anyway.

Liking the hidden moon deck, managed a 6 win streak with it.

Has it been a bad idea to open all my packs? My step son loves to open them for me. Should I save all future packs?