Premier League Fantasy Football 2016/17

(DayC) #1


Code to join my league if anyone wants to play for fun. Maybe i’ll actually try this season @Tugsy :wink:

(Xenoscythe) #2

Aw yiss

(Peter Woodberry) #3

Will be doing my team soon, once I get my head round all the transfers!

(DayC) #4

Yeah still plenty of time yet mate, good to build one now though and tweak as more come in.

(Rob Thomas) #5

The FM player inside of me is torn between picking Hojbjerg or Fischer.

(Dean) #6

I’m not sure Fischer will be up to much this season. He struggled in the Eredivisie against harder opponents.

(Rob Thomas) #7

Plus he plays for Middlesbrough.

(Ryan Roberts) #8

Well no one even challenged me in the Euros, so surprised you’re running your mouth Scouser.

I’ll join shortly.

(Peter Woodberry) #9

Made a head to head league as well - 813145-219703

(Dean) #10

Draft pick too scary for you?

(Peter Woodberry) #11

Just prefer the traditional game mate. This has always been how Fantasy Football works.

(Gavin Rainey) #12

It was like that before so I want it to be that way now

make fantasy league back fantasy again

(DayC) #13

Lad everybody stopped playing after like the 2nd match that euro fantasy game was dire

(Sam Hather) #14

Yeah and some people say that hash browns don’t belong on a full English breakfast because they’re not traditional.


(Ryan Roberts) #15

Well let me know when you give it up this season, laaaaaaar.

(Ryan Roberts) #16

Bar the potential Bony / Benteke move(s) my team is complete; feeling pretty confident.

(DayC) #17

Strong start for me so far

(Xenoscythe) #18

Dont you worry, I’ve taken back control :smiley:

(Ryan Roberts) #19

Made a lot of changes after I was convinced De Bryne wouldn’t play (not that leaving him in would make much difference) - including taking out Redmond, putting Foster on my Bench and taking out The Ox.

(Peter Woodberry) #20

First weeks been a howler from me, need to make some serious changes already I think!