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(Gavin Rainey) #1

Use this thread to discuss upcoming pro matches (the schedule for these can be found on hltv or csgolounge. Or to talk about changes to rosters


I have the following bet on Dig:

Dig were great on LAN and are good online too I can’t see them losing to CM now.

In other news Swag has left coL, suprising after being their best player and the team scene not being huge there. What do you guys think will happen now in america?

(Rob Thomas) #2

Hasn’t Adren left IBP as well?

Maybe Swag is going there.

(Gavin Rainey) #3

Adren did leave, he has a new job now so its likely he will just be a twitcher.

I dont know if swag would go to iBP, as iBP aren’t as good as coL imo. Maybe theyre going to try and form some super NA team.

(Rob Thomas) #4

I must be physic or something.

(Peter Woodberry) #5

Its a really shit move from Swag, coL are much better than iBP in my opinion and they showed it at EMS One.

In the games tonight:

Titan > NiP
LGB > Fnatic
Titan > Na’Vi
dig > CM
Fnatic > ACES
LDLC > Courage
Titan > LGB
Fnatic > CM

(Dean) #6

Tonight will be:

NiP > Titan
Fnatic > LGB
Na’Vi > Titan
CM > dig
ACES > Fnatic
Course > LDLC
LGB > Titan
CM > Fnatic

(Gavin Rainey) #7

just a wee bet today

Playing it safe(ish) to try and get some more fodder to bet. My inventory is tight atm.

my predictions overall for today:


(Josh) #8

Lost yet another bet last night lol. I do however keep doing cheeky bets on silly odds just so the returns would be sick. I am however pretty much out of shite stuff in my inventory to bet with now. I may have to play the betting game properly and bet some decent stuff on some “guaranteed” wins to bulk it up again. However I dislike how you don’t get back your specific guns from a bet. Which makes me apprehensive to use things like my Asiimov to bet with as I would get a super scratched one back etc.

(Gavin Rainey) #9

I wanted to bet on mouz last night, but the bots! The bots! I got a MW Menhdi from my wins last night though :smiley:

My bets for tonight:

(Rob Thomas) #10

Shox too good.

(Gavin Rainey) #11

Surely he won the play of the day or tournament or whatever it was with that? fecking unreal.

(Peter Woodberry) #12

iBP picking up Steel oh sweet jesus that team is good.

(Gavin Rainey) #13

Whats the rivalry between iBP and coL like now?

Also how good are other american teams like XTS? shroud seems to be in MM permanently.

My bets for today (on a streak at the mo it seems,well enough to bet with only winnings):

(Peter Woodberry) #14

XTS are alright, u5 and Denial are meh. XTS can beat coL or iBP on their day but they aren’t consistently on their level.

(Gavin Rainey) #15

my bets for today, nothing risky really, the dig bet is just scrubby guns:

(Josh) #16

Odds are too poopy at the moment for games for me to risk anything worth a lot. I need to get some shit stuff in my inventory that I am not fussed about to bet with.

(Peter Woodberry) #17

Markeloff is streaming right now!

(Josh) #18

It’s funnier to watch him rather than the game play…what an odd fellow :stuck_out_tongue:

(C**t ) #19

Both those bets came in Gav, considering the odds, i bet you wish you swapped bets. Some guy bet 20 value and got back 1000.

(Josh) #20

So sad I wasn’t about to place a bet yesterday…I have been betting on the silly odds games all week and getting raped. Just my luck the one I’m not about for cashes in…FUCK!

Might YOLO bet on Dig to win this eve…every time I have watched Titan recently they have lost and Scream’s P90 skills the other day had me and @McGook in fucking tears so if he is on that kind of form they will get raped. I’m fairly sure people are dick riding Shox at the moment too, but they can’t rely on him going ape all series long. Dig also have a 1 map lead…tempted to stick my Deagle blaze and a few other bits on and hope that I make the right choice…

This should totally be a betting thread haha.