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(Gavin Rainey) #259

just been spreading the word in the chat

not worth the risk picking them now is it

The toxicity amongst them is what killed them

Who would want to play with Maikelelelele when he was literalyl flaming in all against dAT team?

(Xenoscythe) #260

LDLC were absolutely awful, KQLY was literally running in to die over and over again, complete joke.

and now csgolounge seems to think 1.37 value = 0.58 value

Csgolounge definitely cant math today and the odds didnt sway that much, 1.3value=/=0.94

(Fusion) #261

It’s like that all the time.

(Xenoscythe) #262

Cant say I’ve ever had that before, my last 14 wins i’ve had full value :frowning:

(Fusion) #263

I’ve seen people post on reddit about it quit a lot recently. Some people getting $4 for their $2 returns and others getting below.

(Xenoscythe) #264

ESL Tomorrrrowwwwww

(Xenoscythe) #265

Couple of underdog bets tonight too.

(Paul Corkin) #266

ESL is thursday i thought? 14th through 17th

(Gavin Rainey) #267

Savage won, VEXX lost.

Well played sir

(Paul Corkin) #268

So mad ESL is on so early. :frowning: Going to miss most of it.

(C**t ) #269

Soooooo Cloooose

(C**t ) #270

de_cbble is such a shit watch.

(Andy ) #271

Its great to see some new maps instead of de_inferno every…single…fucking…time…

(Josh) #272

Shame they suck big hairy balls though, would have been nice to see crown and season or something.

Also…just realised I had been watching with my twitch not logged in so sad if I have missed a drop because of it. I didn’t get one from Katowice and had the whole event on :/.

(Andy ) #273

Yes i also would have rather seen Crown and Season or even a remake of Mill, my point is its just boring watching de_inferno every time.

(C**t ) #274

Not if its utter shite.

(C**t ) #275

Titan vs C9, Best series EVER!

(Paul Corkin) #276

Titan :frowning:

(Xenoscythe) #277

Most intense game of cs ive watched i think, what a match.

(C**t ) #278

The real CS fans bet on C9, they know.