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(Rob Thomas) #299

And are you still harping on about dropping Fifflaren, Sith? Give it a rest mate.

(Xenoscythe) #300

I had a great ESL overall and it was definitely the best CS tournament I’ve watched properly. I ended up about $40 up too which always helps. A shame fnatic threw an 11-4 lead in 2 consecutive maps and let Get_Right/friberg clutch to victory.

I do agree with Sith about Fifflaren, a really really poor showing from him and NiP couldve had the game in the bag much much earlier if he’d won any of his countless 1v1’s. there was a point on cobble he was 2/?/19 and was really a hindrance to them! He certainly picked up on the very last map of the finals but the rest of the tournament has also been poor for him.

(Xenoscythe) #301

A51 games need to stop being put on csgolounge, the amount of throws for skins is just astounding :stuck_out_tongue:
I think i’ll just bet against them or skip them for now.

(Gavin Rainey) #302

Real throws all around the place.


(C**t ) #303

(Gavin Rainey) #304


Scream is now pondering retirement.

IMO there are 3 scenarios

The leftovers from LDLC and Titan form.

They dip into Epsilon too.

Retirement for all.

(Peter Woodberry) #305

We all knew that his would kinda happen sooner or later since they’ve been getting rekt for ages now.

Only thing I would like to see on the new team is fxy0 instead of Smithz.

(C**t ) #306

Literally will amount to nothing, if there is one thing we all have learned from ASD its that you need role players in your team so that if your aimers aren’t on you have strats and teamplay to get them going, the 2 Awpers thing wont be a problem as KQLY isn’t a bad rifler, similar situation to fnatic now with JW and olofm.

On the other hand the Shoxie NBK lineup has some legs to it, so we will see with this one, feels far more positive any way.

(C**t ) #307

n0thing vs Thooorin

Friberg’s Reflections gives a good basis on how an entry fragger should play and some current metas that most people will not be aware of.

(Paul Corkin) #308

(Gavin Rainey) #309

Who is mK?

(C**t ) #310



(C**t ) #311

CZ now replacement for 5/7 or Tec9 you can still lose pistol and buy this and full armor provided you have 100 left from pistol so it really doesn’t change the post pistol eco meta though general buys will be very different. -300$ TK is ridiculous people will be TKing and picking up peoples games in SQ. D2, A site plant changes little really as you could still hold from short, so it also makes very little difference. The ‘Buy Timer’ is a good one stops you from buying Kev after your team gets 1-2 3 eco kills. I have no idea how the Cbble changes will play out.

(Gavin Rainey) #312

Titan look amazing now, not even funny.

Mercenary look good too but I dont think they are on shox level.

ScreaM sf GMX Shox Happy IMO.

(Paul Corkin) #313

Looks like LDLC is up a team. Scream seems to be stepping it up lately and not aiming for 100% head shots which is good to see cause he is a great player. One of my favorites.

(Gavin Rainey) #314

How can these odds be this way, with kzy playing for nooky 2? Mouz rly are the new Clan Mystik

@Sith the shit ive seen people say “ChrisJ best AWPer” “Mouz a tier above CW”

I will be happy to eat my words but CW >>>>>>

(Xenoscythe) #315



(Gavin Rainey) #317

Watch this go wrong! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

(Peter Woodberry) #318

Bet some of my returns;