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(C**t ) #439

Post patch I just feel like Kennys is not even a Top AWPer any more, he looks like 30% of what he was before they nerfed it. Looking at his HLTV stats page it does look like it effected him, some of the numbers he was putting up prepatch were insane. Looking at his numbers post patch against the same teams as before they are a lot lower, he still puts up some numbers but against low tier teams like SK.

That said it feels like a much better pickup for nV, Kennys is a vast improvement on Smithz and Shox isnt playing the same as a year ago. Apex gives more back up to kio so when going for takes etc he has someone like minded with him. If Smithz and Shox are going to Titan that will be interesting.

(Xenoscythe) #440

Did…did anyone watch game 3 of Kinguin vs VP?

(Peter Woodberry) #441

C9 looking really really good right now.

(Rob Thomas) #442

Classic @WoodchucK

(C**t ) #443

Having watched HR get slowly worse over time, they need to get rid of Kucher and Mou, maybe try and get Simple back and look for WorldEdit or again try and get Markeloff back, so sad them not being even a Top 16 team, when they were easily the 3rd best team in 2013, Dosia at the very least needs to get on a good team again.

(Gavin Rainey) #444

Agree - I feel Dosia is the kind of player who gets better the better his team are around him.

To compete with Na’vi in that region I would say just carve something like


Like thorin said, Simple needs to recognise that not everyone can hit shots he can and come back to earth a bit.

(C**t ) #445

Reading the whole thing about how hated simple is by the top players i doubt he’ll be on a team like this again which is a shame tbh.

Looking at NiP since the map rotations have changed, it really hurt them more than any other team, with Ex6tenz teams being a close second as at DHW 2013(Obviously the map was removed 2015) NiP and VG were the 2 best Nuke teams and the old Train was one of NiPs top picks as they didnt play Valves Mirage.

Back when it was NiP vs VG/VP the main maps NiP players were

Nuke, Inferno, Cache, Train, D2. For the most part in that order.

Nuke being NiPs best map being removed then makes the other team gain a ban so depending on the matchup could be Inferno, then Train has been changed quite a lot, such that its not the same map, Train positions are different as is T main and the lack of a T heaven etc. So train isn’t 100% a map NiP will be good at so your left with picking your 3rd strongest map and them banning your 5th Strongest, which makes the maps you’re going to play not at all advantageous. For the most part this came in when Train was removed for Cbble/Opass as it was the map which was outright removed as was the 7th region dependent map like Season. Im in no part saying NiP’s individual performances are not to blame as Friberg and Forest are not even close to their 2013/14 performances and Them picking up Allu wasn’t as beneficial as they would of hoped for, and Fnatic picking up Olof and Krimz made them a better team player to player 10 fold.

(C**t ) #446

Thank you C9 for confirming there is no tangible benifit to taking adderall.

(Gavin Rainey) #447

also thank you cloud9 for proving that when it actually matters you cant play the same way you did 3 tournaments ago