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(Dean) #1

I’ve made this to keep it separate from the league chat. Keep that one for discussion about the league.

Played with Adam, Xeno and Bagel tonight and had a bit of a shock to be fair. Only just won more than I lost, and I didn’t even get a single win on Aerowalk.

Won 1-0 against Adam, but nearly lost that as well which was the biggest shock.
Lost 2-1 against Xeno, only just managing a win on Furious Heights.
Won 1-0 against Smidsy, which was the easiest game of the day, but he wasn’t really warmed up.
Lost 2-1 to Bagel, who again beat me on Aerowalk.

I seem to be coming to the conclusion that dm6 is my best map as I can play a lot more passively and allow the game to play my way. Aerowalk and Toxicity are throwing me right now just due to the aggressive play. I can upload demos if people are interested in them, I demo all my games.

(Mark Dornan) #2

Yer I’d like to see a demo please, the one against El Smids

(Dean) #3

Will upload it later for you.

Also to everyone playing, download the Quake Live timing app if you have Android, might be on ios but I’m not sure. It’s essentially an app which has 2 scenarios.

First one is simple spawn time calculations. It gives you a time, such as XX:25 and shows you the item, then you put in the respect time below. You need to work it out in under 2 seconds for a pass.

The second I would set to 1 second visibility, 8 second time out and 3 items. What this does is shows you the time of an item, then removes it after a second. 8 seconds later it gives you the time of the second item for fora second, then same again for the third item. After another 8 seconds it asks for the respawn time on all 3 items, which is 26 seconds since the first item was shown about the respawn time on armor. Since you’ll never (or very rarely) keep track on more then 3 items, 3 is the best number to work with.

Eventually you’ll have the respawn times memorized which will make the game far far easier. Instead of having to work out that picking up RA on 27 means it respawn on 52 you’ll just know the number. This will make it far easier to remember times as there is no maths involved.

(Adam) #4

Imagine if I’d been warmed up.

(Dean) #5

I genuinely think you could have took me. Lost 27 - - 1 last night on that map to some French guy. I got fucking molested. Don’t think I’ve ever played that bad though, had 1 Mega and 2 reds. Didn’t time a single item or pay any attention to positioning.

I’d post the demo and explain what I did wrong but it would be a waste of time. I did everything wrong.

(Xenoscythe) #6


Is it better than this? Its what i used to practice yesterday. (might even be the same person)

(Dean) #8

The first option is the same as that. The second option in the app is better because it requires you to remember 3 item times before you input them. Definitely recommend it.

(Dean) #9

Me vs Smidsy on Campgrounds - 29/7/14

Guide to view demos



Sorted my UI out, to be fair it’s based entirely off the ‘small’ default HUD within Quake Live as I loved that previously. In fact the Health and Armor are scaled and in the exact positions to that particular HUD style, similarly with the Ammo other than being slightly raised. The main difference which you can see is the top edge of my UI where you’ll find an enlarged clock which is centered. The ‘lagometer’ and ‘speedometer’ were both drawn on my previous HUD so there’s no difference there, anyway the UI is below;

(Dean) #11

Pull the clock lower down and drop it to 25-50% alpha. You can thank me later.


How far down would you say? To where the ‘The match… …join’ area is?

(Xenoscythe) #13

Colours of hp/arm/ammo based on danger levels,

(Adam) #14

I guess you don’t need to see the actual game?

(Xenoscythe) #15

Only whats under my xhair!

Plus timings are way more useful than looking at picmip walls


uh im not good at this game at all…


I’m using similar colours, well White = ‘high’, Yellow = ‘Medium’, and Red = ‘Low’. Your FPS is covering your scoreboard though?

(Adam) #18

You’ll probably still be able to beat @Noodle on Aerowalk.

(Xenoscythe) #19

the fps is disabled once the game starts, not sure why its there on the screenshot!

(Dean) #20

Please for the love of god tell me you don’t have your weapon there and use that fov. Please Xeno, please.

I’m actually scared of how good you’ll be with a proper fov if that’s how you play.

(Lethal) #21

Xeno thinks he’s playing Doom YER.