QL General thread


I’ll be on tomorrow from about 1pm-10pm if anyone’s up for games?

(Xenoscythe) #23

Prefer to keep my fov same across all games now helps with aim loads. And yes my weapon is there because it wont let me hide it :<

(Adam) #24

Then play all games at 120!

It won’t let you hide your weapon?


Using that hud generator there’s an option to remove weapon draw I think. If I remember correctly it’s at the bottom, near where the Lagometer and such is.

(Dean) #26

cg_drawgun or cg_drawweapon 0. I forget which it is.

(Xenoscythe) #27

Strange, i did this about 50 times when we played the other day, i assumed they had stopped it like csgo, I’ll edit it in the cfg cheers.

(Dean) #28

Should work as I have mine turned off. I think your game is buggered since cg_drawtimer didn’t work either.

(Dean) #29

This game is £2,30 on Steam. Buy it, play it, smash it.

Also we have a 3v3 CA server running. SSRCG.com in the listings, seems to fill quick even late at night.

(Scott) #30

I thought Quake Live was free?

(Dean) #31

It used to be, but then they opened it up to allow dedicated servers and mods and made it a one time purchase. If you played it while it was free on Steam you should already own a copy.

(Scott) #32

I just bought it. I’ll try it out some time.

(Dean) #33

I’ll let you know when we play. Join the SSRCG stream group, there’s a few of us who play Clan Arena.

(Lethal) #34

Lol I had QL this whole time and I had no idea, must of been because I was a premium member on the old QL site and let me have the game for free?

(Dean) #35

If you played it on steam you got it for free I think since they couldn’t make it work for just people who subbed before. But either way, if you ever subbed just for the month you have it free.

(Ben ) #36

I subbed for ages on it but dont have it on steam.

(Dean) #37

Check again

(Dean) #38

Servers looking fresh now

(Scott) #39

noodle can u show me how to play this

(Dean) #40

Certainly. We play clan arena quite a lot, which is what I’d recommend starting with as you spawn with all weapons. It allows you to get a feel for the game without worrying about pick ups.

We have a server running so next time I’m online I’ll get you in. You played tf2 soldier right? If so I’m sure you’ll pick this up in no time.

(Scott) #41

what’s your steam?