Ranked (Constructed) Discussion

(Sam) #1

No real general thread so I thought id create this.

Managed to get to lvl 8 from 13 on my main shaman deck without losing a game. Then changed deck a bit and lost pretty much every ge back to rank 11 to zoolocs and hunters. So frustrating. No idea what to do. Literally won 1 out of about. 18 games

(Randal Octagonapus) #2

Zooloc pretty much has no counter, you can create counter decks but they all rely heavily on drawing the right cards whereas Zooloc can throw down anything.

(DayC) #3

Nice work, I havn’t had the time to consistently grind it yet but will be putting in the effort for road to i52. I need to build myself 3 solid decks really.

(Randal Octagonapus) #4

Zooloc, murloc, miracle rogue :wink:

I’m at rank 3/4 at the moment and struggling to get any higher, tempted to go for the ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’ strat but it doesn’t really take nearly as much brain engagement.

(Check my profile for game IDs) #5

I’m currently stuck on 12/13 with my Watcher Druid deck. Just managed to pull Force of Nature and crafted Thalnos, so hoping they will make a difference.
Still need a Black Knight and Big Game Hunter though. Literally winning about half my games at the moment, so I’ll gain 1-3 stars, maybe even get a streak, but then lose the same number of stars in the next few games.

(Randal Octagonapus) #6

Big game hunter and the Black knight are pretty useless in the current meta (unless you’re running into a lot of Druids), sub BGH for a Faceless manipulator.

(Check my profile for game IDs) #7

Yeah you’re probably right about that to be honest. I’ll post my deck list when I get home and peeps can criticise.

I know I probably won’t make it anywhere near the top in the current meta, and call me stubborn but I just don’t want to go with the crowd and play zooloc or aggro hunter.

(Zio) #8

I was at rank 3 before I51 and I wanted to hit legendary before the end, but I couldn’t manage it. I even switched to the dark side and played Zoolock but it seems like Druid is the counter and it has gotten really popular recently. I’m going to give Hunter a try.

(Sam) #9

From rank 11 one star to rank 8 4 stars without losing a game. Only came up against 2 hunters and one lock. Felt really good to BM the shit out of those OP faggots as my control shaman. Currently in Marbella so when I wake up before i go out at night just play a few hours on the iPad which is really fun to play on. (Except iv lava burst / lightning bolted myself literally around 9 times.)

Black knight is pretty shitty in this meta. Try wild pyro. Really excellent card for a Druid in this current meta. Iv been playing it and put 2 frost shocks and an auctioneer in my deck right now. Works amazing no lie.

Still waiting for you to arrange that tournament Jon :slight_smile: @Steinzy

(Randal Octagonapus) #10

Yeh rank 2 is my highest at the end of last season. I’ve tried switching to the dark side but it’s just constant mirror match ups which aren’t fun. Druid / Paladin are the counters but they require on some very lucky draws whereas Zooloc can pretty much draw anything (unless they get both Doomguards in their opening hand) and still have strong board control.

(Sam) #11

Got to rank 6 and 3 stars playing an aggro mage deck I made. However iv had so mch bad luck today RNG. Still lose most of the time to zoolock. I dunno what they can do to nerf it though since its just a bunch of neutral cards and you can’t really change the hero power…

(Check my profile for game IDs) #12

You’re right, they can’t really do anything to nerf it, but the meta is bound to change once the new cards get released anyway.

I also believe (or hope) that people will naturally get bored with playing zooloc. Otherwise with the same couple of decks always at the top of the ladder people are going to get bored of the game eventually and it will just die.

(DayC) #13

Release a more diverse selection of cards so that we can play with more deck combinations. There is no quick fix to Zoolock and there wont be a sweeping counter to it until more interactions are available in the game.

That said it is provoking more creativity, this was on reddit this morning, a deck the mixes handlock and zoolock:

(Sam) #14

Not seen much zooloc for the last 10 ranked games and i have managed to get to 5 star with a nice gold boarder with a sea giant inside. Feeling pro.

got to 6 with 5 stars and got the most horrific luck. Missclicked my argent squire who not killing a huge minion with one hp left. Getting blown up with 28 hp by a rogue on turn 9 despite having two (small) taunters out and then a ragnoros warrior with 3 hp hitting me when i had 7 hp and 4 minions out. Got their finally though :smiley:

(Sam) #15

got to rank 4 for this season which is not bad for the offical season 1. Only lost one game from start of 6 to 4 and 2 starts

(Check my profile for game IDs) #16

Nice, I was stuck on rank 13 for ages but managed to push through to rank 12 last night.
Not hugely high but in all the test seasons I think my highest was rank 17/18 ish.
Next set of targets for me is rank 10 next season and hopefully a 12-0 in the arena, then I’m going all out for legendary in the 2nd half of the year :smiley:

(Sam) #17

Hunter nerfs have made very little difference :slight_smile:

Dunno whether to put more time in this game and try get legendary. Definitely feels a lot more achievable than getting diamond in LoL !

(Adam) #18

Starting to do alright since I got malygos in a pack. Mage is still my favourite even though people say its weak, and I enjoy playing priest. But apparently their weak too?

Also GOT themed HS cards. Too sick

(Sam) #19

thats fucking brilliant @Adzi

(DayC) #20

Finally got around to playing this a bit and have gone from 25 to 12 - 2 star playing handlock, had to tweak it to include more removal and don’t seem to be having trouble as of yet, would be higher but have been playing CSGO and TF2 this weekend too!