Ranked (Constructed) Discussion

(Dean) #553

Says the guy who never hit legend

(Gavin Rainey) #554

Zoo rinses the jade decks and is strong vs pirate decks too, if you can bran - argus youre flying mate

(Adam) #555

I’ll definitely have another look at Zoo then. Been playing a little bit of Krip’s “Chansey” Priest too, the OTK deck. Just feels dirty.

(Gavin Rainey) #556

for priest hotform made a good dragon priest

i only do arena and ranked to get challenges done now and its rare

game is stale af to me

(Lethal) #557

I’ve only seen 1 or 2 Zoo decks in the last week, but at least I know why they’re playing them

(Lethal) #558

Finally got my 500 wins as Warlock


Never played a Lock in 3 years, finally made a Renolock deck last week, man it’s so fun. Finding it harder to climb than with my Shaman decks (leave me alone I’ve been playing Shaman since launch), but winning feels much more satisfying.

(DayC) #560

Bit of drama going on in the pro scene for HS right now: https://www.reddit.com/r/hearthstone/comments/6203hs/forsen_is_forfeiting_his_spot_in_the_hearthstone/


Cmon Bliz… Atleast I got 4 Legendaries.

(Gavin Rainey) #562

@Retroid its a bug, check their reddit


@Easy Figured as much, I’m sure they had a similar issue with drop weighting before… Fingers crossed for full dust!


The only solace I take in destroying my old friend Raggy :’(


So I Dirty Rat and it pulls out a King Dred - instantly killing the rat, then play my Amara to kill Dred (but mainly for the 40 life) and found out that his effect activates before her battlecry. Probably the worst turn I’ve ever had in Hearthstone.

(Van Slab) #566

Battlecries always activate first it’ll be a bug

heres a vid showing other battlecries working

(DayC) #567

Swear this has happened before, the stack feels like a very simple thing to get right in a game like this. Looking up the cards that completely breaks King Dred too.

How is the new expansion?

(Lethal) #568

I’ve been enjoying the fact that so many shit cards have been removed more than the expansion. Feels like a fresh game again, but pirate Warrior still needs to be nerfed.

At i60 everyone will be banning Warrior since both control and pirate are mental atm. If not then quest Rogue.

(Dean) #569

Better than magic :harrygasm:

(DayC) #570

Would it be fair to say the power level of Un’Goro is quite high? Looking over the cards it feels like there are a lot of high power cards that serve a purpose. I also hadn’t realised that quest cards are T1 draw mechanic until I watched Kibler play.

I’ve seen the pirate warrior memes knocking about, assuming this is an aggro style deck revolving around patches?

Don’t make me show you how much i’ve mastered the blade.

(Lethal) #571

Pirate warrior is basically a deck to stop triggering people’s quests before it starts. Pirate warrior can easily be stopped by Handlocks and Taunt Warrior but it’s still early days. But yer a lot of the top tier cards do have a purpose now rather than being thrown in to fill in the gaps.

Meta should cool down a bit by this weekend but I’ve already got a small idea of what decks I’ll be playing.

(Van Slab) #572

@Lethal no doubt this the best line up right now