Ranked (Constructed) Discussion


That’s mental! All they really needed to do was change it to minions summoned from hand, now it’s just dead.

(Van Slab) #325

yer Control Warrior is still a top tier deck though i expect Ostkaka’s new charge warrior will give it some trouble

(Ryan Roberts) #326

I think they nerfed it a bit too much, I think changing it to the first minion you play etc would of been fine. Warsong is pretty redundant now .

(Gavin Rainey) #327

Control warrior is great still

its #6 on the meta snapshot for this week, 2nd in tier 2.

Justicar isnt great statistically but it really beefed warrior. You can fatigue anyone now

I disagree rod I think Kiblers hobolster warrior is the new jesus deck


(Gaskin) #328

I still think Patron can survive. I’ve won 5/6 games so far without warsong in the deck, replaced it with ‘Charge’ so that it still gives a win condition with the beserkers. I find most of my patron wins come from board domination with WW and IR rather than the warsongs anyway.

Secret Paladin is currently making the ladder disgusting.

(Randal Octagonapus) #329

I’m seeing a huge amount of a rush down Druid deck at around rank 5. Anyone played against this much? Seems pretty strong.

(Gavin Rainey) #330


its mad strong, they usually run 2 fel reavers so carry removal and keep it in mulligan

(Xenoscythe) #331

Fel reaver druid? i love the sound of that! Haven’t come across any myself due to not playing much this month so far.

I assume priest/warrior is still good against it though.

Loving freeze mage atm with all the paladins around!

(Van Slab) #332

Yer it’s pretty changing right now

@Easy seen quite a few people trying hybrid warrior

(Gavin Rainey) #333

Druid has always been the answer against Warrior in old matchups but this new one is odd, not sure on data

priest is always a case of you need sick draw or its too slow now

dragon priest is mid tier 2 ish now

(Xenoscythe) #334

Cancel all the above, based aviana is how i shall climb to 5 this month.

(Randal Octagonapus) #335

I usually try and hit 5 then try out new stuff… dropped straight back down to 7 ha

(Gavin Rainey) #336

same mate

(Ryan Roberts) #337

I’m still stubbornly and hopelessly trying to get Rogue to work, the best I can do is an oil / mech hybrid that has a good win rate, it needs a few tweaks but it’s nice.

I hope next expansion Rogue get some serious love / attention as it’s got little to none the last two.

(Gaskin) #338

Think i could get legend this season if I could stand it. Although it is quite nice to play hunter and not feel like a complete prick now Paladin is ruining the game.

(Van Slab) #339

@Tugsy best rogue player in the chortleverse

(Gavin Rainey) #340

Same, I got to rank 5 about 5 days ago, and was panning people too, about 2 or 3 seasons I have felt like if I grind I will do it but the grind is so boring.


Unstable Portal pulls KT against a miracle rogue - with Antonidas on the board i felt sorry for him. Insta quit xD

(Randal Octagonapus) #342

What deck would you use for the grind?

I have about a 65% win rate with my Demon zoo control deck but past 5 just takes so long.

(Gavin Rainey) #343

secret paladin

With early game like this: