Ranked (Constructed) Discussion

(Van Slab) #344

Blizzcon groups start today


(Van Slab) #345



(Randal Octagonapus) #346

It’s weird that Dragon Priest is in tier 2 when it counters 2 and potentially 3 decks in tier 1…

(DayC) #347


League of Explorers is the new expansion!

(Ryan Roberts) #348

Have you bought it? Any good? I watched a preview vid and the cards didn’t seem very exciting to me…

(DayC) #349

Not out until 12th / 13th I think mate, I doubt i’ll buy it but hopefully someone will give us a review here.

(Van Slab) #350

I’m going to change the universe with Sir Finley in murloc/face warrior

(Gaskin) #351

I think it will be the most influential expansion yet in terms of cards. Reno jackson is making for some impressive control decks already.

(DayC) #352

Certainly seems that way. Will this help other decks beat Pally or is that still going to dominate?

(Xenoscythe) #353

Forgotten torch is soooooooooooo amazing for my freeze mage.

(Van Slab) #354

Reno and forgotten torch are as legit as my nan in freeze mage

(Scott Miles) #355

Haven’t played since lan come back for a game with @Adzi Standard

(Gaskin) #356

@Tugsy So the new Raptor card has made Tempo Rogue a thing and it’s amazing

(Van Slab) #357

Anyone entering the UK qualifier ?

Should be during the beginning of December sometime


(Ben ) #358

It is now closed :frowning:

(Van Slab) #359

UK Qualifier hasn’t been announced yet

(Ryan Roberts) #360

Damn you Daniel, I bought the other two expansions but lacked any motivation to complete them… I wasn’t planning on picking this one up. But… if this make Rogue viable I might have to.

(Gaskin) #361

Well I just got legend purely with Raptor Rogue so… :smiley:

(Gaskin) #362

@Tugsy http://www.hearthpwn.com/decks/375935-1-legend-tempo-rogue

This has just popped up on hearthpwn, relatively similar to my deck. I used Dark Iron Skulkers and Cold Blood for example but this seems to be equally as successful if not more.

(Gavin Rainey) #363

Kripp was running skulkers too, great cards in this deck