Ranked (Constructed) Discussion


Against a Control Warrior at 28 health,10 armor, Raging Worgen on the board, Power Overwhelming x3, Abusive Sergent, Hellfire to activate. I don’t think I’ll ever top that! :smile:

(Randal Octagonapus) #365

What are people playing at the moment? Jumped on today and really struggling with this season… usually play around rank 5 but at about 50% win ratio at rank 12 currently

(Van Slab) #366

Currently playing Malygos Warrior. I am 4/0 from rank 20 zero stars

(Ryan Roberts) #367

Still trying to make rogue work… I’ve never really put too much time into HS, but getting into it a bit more. Might try a serious push on ranked.

(DayC) #368

20 - 15 on Raptor Rogue

Played to 14 3 star with Secret Paladin will be carrying on with this version of the build

(Sam Hignett) #369

I used to respect you Dave, you were meant to be the one to bring in a new era of hearthstone. You were supposed you defeat the secret paladin, not join it!

(Van Slab) #370

Gave up on maly warrior after 20 games couldn’t get past rank 17

Currently at 14 with face warrior

(DayC) #371

Just hit 11 - 2 star with that Secret Pally. Easy wins lads.

(Ryan Roberts) #372

You make me sick, as does your Pally deck.

(DayC) #373

Haha it’s gotten me fluctuating between 10 4-5 star, moving onto something else tonight. Probably a Reno Jackson deck. Need to do some arenas too missing some epics to finish my druid deck.

(DayC) #374

@SamHiggy level 8 now and me level 9. We have found the most troll-ish aggro deck ever and getting around a 67% win rate on it.

(Gavin Rainey) #375

do tell my friend

(DayC) #376

61% win rate sorry, as you can see Warrior is the hardest match up. Had the stats on since I started using it so this has recorded all the games played with it so far.

I’m likely to start tweaking this soon though, it needs to be able to beat warrior which seems to have a high presence at this rank. We tweaked Wolfrider to Arcane Golemn from the previous pro build.

(Van Slab) #377

ye best way to grind m8s

Played for an hour like this didn’t do too bad

EU Control Warrior 4-1
NA Control Priest 2-1
Asia Aggro Druid 4-3

I might try using control, midrange and aggro next time

(Gavin Rainey) #378

You’re welcome

(Dean) #379

You buying cards on them or just using free packs?

(Van Slab) #380

I bought 2 expansions and 60 packs on NA just used gold on asia

(DayC) #381

Rank 6 - 4 star atm. Playing my control warrior since I couldn’t get secret pally past 9. http://hearthstats.net/decks/control-warrior--26957?locale=en

Second brawl was put in for v1.2 last night, Loatheb is useless on the ladder vs most of the decks and i’m always dying for a second board wipe.

(DayC) #382

Looks like my ladder climb will get cut short this week, probably going to have a few evenings in work. Legend in feb.

(DayC) #383

Got out of work, no one at 5 seems to be running anything remotely aggro like anymore. It’s all about that reno jackson.