Ranked (Constructed) Discussion

(Check my profile for game IDs) #21

Got stuck around rank 17 with my Watcher Druid deck, made a few tweaks and managed to push up to rank 13.
The most notable changes were adding those Earthen Ring Farseers for a bit of sustain which was sorely needed, and taking out my Ancient of War, that thing has a huge ass but I found it just too slow.
Also added a Faceless Manipulator, best use so far has been to copy the opponents Ragnaros, which then took out their Ragnaros, next turn I managed to draw and drop my own Ragnaros. 16 damage to the face! :smile:

(Sam) #22

@DayC @RicTheGuy

keep the progress coming! feel free to add me for some games since i dont think i have either of you on my list. Raebz #2878

(DayC) #23

Finally broke that mother fucking 12 barrier, 11 2 star now.

(Randal Octagonapus) #24

I feel like I need to play, can’t be letting you noobs get ahead of me… It’s not like I have an exam at 9am tomorrow.

(Sam) #25

i had an exam today. Ddint get off league until gone 3 dam

(DayC) #26

Go for it mate, i’m sure you’ll hit legend soon, i’m just putting the hours in to get better before any potential i52 tourney :stuck_out_tongue:

3 dayum, I can’t stand league i get into an argument with atleast 1 person per game.

Sweating this tonight if TF2 doesn’t consume me again.

(Peter Woodberry) #27

Looking to start playing this again haven’t played since open beta dropped. Can anyone run me through the current meta and link me to some good deck lists?

(DayC) #28

HS Players has a nice section for decklists at the moment. By rule of thumb Mage, Priest and Pally are probably the weakest in the meta right now.

(Sam) #29

oh man create your own decks. Its so much better. I got to rank 4 without even looking at created ones.

(Check my profile for game IDs) #30

Finally broke the rank 10 mark! Woohoo!

Then I got slapped hard by a Shaman :frowning:

Next stop rank 5…

(Anthony) #31

On a nice streak after getting back into Hearthstone since insomnia51 :slight_smile:

(Check my profile for game IDs) #32

very nice, I wish I could keep track of my games more, but I play on the wife’s Ipad a lot and I’m too lazy to manually track it

(Anthony) #33

Feel like I’m doing alright, way better at constructed than Arena right now.

Any suggestions for this value Mage deck? It’s all I play and I don’t have much dust or better neutrals.

(Joe Littleworth) #34

Havn’t played ranked for a while but just got back into it a bit. What are the main decks to look out for atm? Currently just playing the good old murlock rush, hows it fair in the meta?

(Check my profile for game IDs) #35

There is a lot of zoolock about, I’ve encountered less hunters since the Unleash the Hounds nerf, even though I don’t think it made too much of a difference.
Miracle rogues, Midrange Shamans, Watcher Druids, Handlocks make up most of my matches (bouncing around rank 10-7) with the occasional preist and mage, I barely meet any paladins, hunters or warriors at my level, might just be coincidence.

(Joe Littleworth) #36

I have been playing against this weird shaman deck the last 2-3 games, seems to literally do nothing. I play murlock so the games are over by like turn 5-6 and by that time all the shaman has up are a few totems and spirit wolves, they seem to not play any aoe clear? Is this a late game control deck or something?

(Randal Octagonapus) #37

Mid-range windfury / rockbiter / Flametongue deck. You run a Leeroy and put on 28 damage in one turn, it suffers to rush downs a lot but they would be running lightning bolts, storms and maybe a forked… they probably just got unlucky draws.

(Joe Littleworth) #38

This sounds lame but what sort of decks do you recommend for leveling up priest and paladin classes? Need them golden murlocks for the ultimate disrespect deck. Did a bit of research seems like you gain experiance per action made so I want to be looking for a low mana curve early game deck right? Think this is going to be easier with paladin, could probably even play a rush deck?

(Zio) #39

You get experience per turn played and a lot of bonus experience for winning. It takes a long time to level up heroes, there’s no two ways about it.

(Anthony) #40

I’m getting stuck around rank 14 and have dropped to 15 a couple of times. I crafted a Harvest Golem and made a couple of changes.

Any suggestions on what to replace are welcome if it can strengthen my deck, I have 670 dust right now,.