Ranked (Constructed) Discussion

(Daniel Green) #384


This is Interesting.

(Van Slab) #385

Rip warrior

(Gaskin) #386

So I finally got good with post nerf patron and they do this to me.

(DayC) #387

This was inevitable, shortly after beta they were adamant they were going to stick with all the cards. Times change and questionable design choices are made (8 cost Pyroblast, 4 cost Leeroy, Undertaker, Mad Scientist, Reno Jackson, Mysterious Champion) so just like when Richard Garfield created Black Lotus, the mox’s, ancestral recal etc with no thought for the game’s timeline, they come back to haunt their creator.

Formats like these are healthy for the competitive aspect of the game by promoting creativity and an inherent balance without Blizzard having to nerf cards into the ground like in the past.

Right now looking at the cards that are going out, I think the game will go in one of a few directions in standard.

  1. Aggro will dominate once again like it did back in vanilla, see Zoolock. Games will be too quick. Room for future card design.
  2. Reno Jackson will play an enormous part in holding control decks at the top. Games will be super grindy, go to fatigue regularly. Room for future card design.
  3. Druid will continue to dominate with it’s incredible basic and vanilla card including that combo.

(Gavin Rainey) #388

Pretty much what @Rod said last night.

One factor we don’t have is that we don’t know what the spring expansions will include.

(Gaskin) #389

I made a ‘standard’ druid deck and have still been winning easily on ladder. So agree with you there.

(Ryan Roberts) #390

RIP Rogue.

(DayC) #391

This is very true and is what everyone should remember. When somebody says “insert class here is dead now!1!” or “druid is going to be so OP!” they may be right for a short period of time but they’ll be introducing new factors very shortly, maybe even at the same time as the update. The year’s symbol may also give us a clue as to what direction they’ll be themeing the cards in that year, this year will be the year of the Kraken, i’ll let you draw your own conclusions as to what that might mean besides a method of categorising yearly blocks.

Don’t forget they’ve stated they will be adjusting costs of basic and classic cards that have been long overdue, expect Druid and Mage to take the biggest hits. Rogue will likely see the largest buff if any class does.

I agree, Rogue takes the biggest hit. Oil rogue loses it’s combo piece that birthed the deck and Raptor Rogue loses every good death rattle card in the game.

(Gaskin) #392

I thought they said no cards were being reprinted?

(DayC) #393

Are you referring to the basic / classic adjustments I mentioned?

This article states the below:

While normally we’re quite conservative about making balance changes to Hearthstone cards (and we’ll continue to be in the future), we’re planning to take the new Hearthstone year as a golden opportunity to re-evaluate a number of cards in the Basic and Classic card sets, including class cards, and make some long-considered adjustments.

(DayC) #394

I should also point out I feel that Blizzard making old expansions and adventures inaccessible through the shop is a terrible move. It basically leaves Wild mode dead in the water before it’s even begun, I predict they’ll either open it up for purchase again or they’ll make the crafting cost on wild cards much lower than standard at some point in the future. There’s no reason for tournaments to run the Wild format if they can’t make up the numbers and there’s no reason for newer players to EVER play that ladder. It’ll just be your current ranked ladder now frozen in time.

(Gaskin) #395

You can craft the naxx/GvG cards though.

(DayC) #396

You can, but the only ways you get dust is by disenchanting existing / purchased product or by earning it in arena. New players won’t be good enough to earn it through back to back arenas, hell most good players can’t do that, so they’ll end up purchasing current product to d/e and craft old stuff. Considering to d/e a common you get 5 dust back but to craft one it’s 40 dust i’d see that as a very expensive overall investment.

Now consider what has to be crafted to compete in Wild mode. Sludge Belcher, Dr Boom, Zombie Chow, Haunted Creeper, Shad of Naxx, Piloted Shredder, Healbot, Muster for Battle, Shield Maiden, Death’s Bite, Lightbomb, Velen’s Chosen. Just off the top of my head, of course it depends on the deck you want to build but it’s still a lot of dust and even more if you want to go into more than one deck.

(Van Slab) #397

Ja if you crafted all of Naxx it would cost 15040 dust which is at least 7.8 times more than its price of £17.49


I’m going with a bit of a more negative take on this; anyone who’s played Legacy MtG will know how unbalanced and well, shit it is. There are some insane combos because the sets aren’t designed with each-other in mind.

This just strikes me as lazy and money-hungry. Perhaps Wild will be ok for the next couple of expansions but after that I can imagine it becoming just broken, un-fun combos that will kill the community for it. Effectively you’ll just be losing cards whilst being pressured to keep up to date with the season.

(DayC) #399

Spot on but consider this a baby step by Blizzard. The measures put in place are not perfect but they give us a competitive environment in the form of Standard. When wild starts inevitably going to shit they’ll be forced to introduce a ban / restricted list to keep it alive. Hey, maybe they’ll finally start listening to Kibler one day who they seem to on side but completely disregard as if he knows nothing about TCG’s.

Finally Blizzard need to stop trying to fight the comparisons to MTG and learn from them. They’ve had an excellent start but they try too hard to do something new ALL the time when in fact some existing structures are there because they just flat out work.

(DayC) #400

/r/magicTCG hit the nail on the head, it’s painfully obvious with the amount of complaining that Hearthstone has a young community in regards to TCGs. Hopefully Blizzard don’t cave to peer pressure and do what’s necessary to maintain the integrity of the game.

(Gavin Rainey) #401

Rank 11 so far this season, off to a decent start. Using Midrange druid, freeze mage and Midrange hunter.

(DayC) #402

On the 8th Feb I hit level 8! What a coincidence. Used secret pally most of the way so far with a little bit of Midrange Druid for a quest and general practice around the level 11 mark.

(Gavin Rainey) #403

Im like rank 33 now, trying to get golden monkey warrior to alway sget the monkey out.

@Lethal saw me to it to a priest last night, 50 armour haha