Ranked (Constructed) Discussion

(DayC) #424

Yes lad, i’ll be writing some content tonight.

(Gavin Rainey) #425

Xixo tweeted he is coming to LAN, announcement again inc?

@Lethal if Forsen comes we can wrestle him

(Lethal) #426

“No substitute for actual combat”

(DayC) #427

Likely @Easy lots of money on offer so it’s worth competing.

(Van Slab) #428


Some of the notable players attending

(DayC) #429

That’s an easy 1st place.

(Gavin Rainey) #430

You can finally plant your seed.

Jackiechan and greensheep too

RDU, Ekop, and Inderen too

(...) #431

Played this for the first time this season and got to 15 already. Haven’t noticed trends in decks yet. What to swap fiendish ghouls to in a zoolock deck? Haven’t got BRM so can’t have imp master in yet

(DayC) #432

Post a screenshot of your decklist mate :slight_smile:

(...) #433

Meant unstable not fiendish

(DayC) #434

Imp gang boss looks like a major card you’re missing there so i’d say work towards that. Don’t forget that the deadline for the formats is 31st may so some of these cards may rotate, with a month or two. Don’t craft anything you can’t use post rotation unless you’re willing to take the hit.

(...) #435

Yea imp gang boss I can’t craft as don’t have the expansion :frowning: . Will the changes just ruin this deck?

(DayC) #436

It can still be used in Wild in its current state but in Standard, the competitive format, there will be significant changes across the board. Not just available cards but some basics are getting reworked.

This is quite a bad time to start tbh, what you should be aiming for is getting good at arena. That is the easiest way to build up your cards and dust pool.

(...) #437

And how does one get good at arena? As you said, if it’s the easiest way to start propping cards. How do i learn what are the overall cards/balance to be aiming for?

(DayC) #438

Try Icy Veins for starting out :slight_smile: http://www.icy-veins.com/hearthstone/arena-guides

(Van Slab) #439

i’d put in Shattered Sun Cleric for now

(Gavin Rainey) #440

(Ben ) #441

So in my arena draft I got Confessor Paletress. My inspire gave me Malganis. I also got a museum curator which gave me a sneeds. Played them and ran my sneeds into trade but dropped a KZ. GG


(Peter Woodberry) #442

Getting back on the HS hype, need a casual game between CS scrims and stuff to take my rage out on.

Just need to find some updated decks and I’m ready to roll!

(Lethal) #443

I always play HS after I’ve finished scrimming on H5 or casual CS.